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For the next few weeks, I’ll be finishing up my blog/travel journal from our trip through Ireland’s countryside. Make sure to jump over to Little Bit Hazel on WordPress for more.

I’ll be cross-posting here, but I’ll be working over there to finish up some of the posts I had wanted to do while visiting.

Meantime, my
Who? and Next sections have been updated. Check them out.

More soon!

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Coming Soon: 'Emergence'

As we slink away from summer, I thought a nice way to say good-bye would be next month’s header capture, “emergence,” a photo I snapped while in France.

Watch for it, along with a brief story, on Wednesday.

More stuff added then, too, including details on new SFM projects and ARTvision previews.

Stay tuned.


Travel Day in Europe

For more, go to the Euro Blog, “Wheels of Fortune & Adventure,” or go directly to my SmugMug gallery for pictures only.

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Europe Travel Blog Coming Soon

You know how I love to come up with snazzy titles:

“Wheels of Fortune & Adventure: A New Bimmer Beginning”

For more, go directly to the Euro Blog.

Many thanks to Heinz, Daniel (pictured here) and so many other BMW officials who welcomed me with open arms.


Of Respite & Calm: My Stopping Point On The AV200

Like I’ve said in my conversations with other riders, “Don’t send a photographer to do a cyclist’s job.”

Hence the lots of stopping to capture scenes while doing 70 miles over a two-day stretch. “Great Oaks,” the header capture for this month, was an outgrowth of that ride - and is a symbol of country kindness you don’t find anywhere else.

On my return leg, I stopped at this familiar location and a gal came out to as me if I was OK. “I’m fine, just taking a breather,” I said. Sounded like their family was getting ready to sit down to Sunday brunch.

Everyone should be required to spend a day on a bike touring the countryside. You get an immediate appreciation for your surroundings, and every once in a while, you are surprised by kindness.

Click here to see my entire 2009 header-capture gallery. Take a look here at all the photos from my AV200 ride.

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Thanks To Reeno & Wags For An Awesome Time In Aspen

This one was taken at Matsuhickamamma for Charley's birthday dinner.

I guess this place is replacing Kenichi -- and with good reason, although I still miss dynamite skrimps.


can't have everything.


"Winslow Morning" Shoots To Capture Fishing As Zen

Mike, Nettie and Dean Pollock (and me) approached this scene at Snoqualmie Falls outside of Seattle.

As luck would have it, the fisherman was cold when we arrived, but soon after caught a few.

Go to the Seattle travel blog, or click through to vote at JPG Magazine!


New Travel Logs & Captures To Follow Shortly

I've got Tim Gunn, Nancy Pelosi... and a full complement of Pollocks coming very soon. Movies, captures and all sorts of other goodies.

Check back here later, or check my
YouTube channel.

Thanks to Ted and Rolando for hosting me once again.

Dublin Named Most Expensive International Real Estate Market

From Inman News today:

"Dublin, Ireland is the most expensive international market included in the index, with subject homes selling for an average $2.1 million in U.S. dollars. Next on the list is Milan, Italy, at $1.9 million, followed by Rome and Paris at $1.7 million (all in U.S. dollars). Bogotá, Colombia, ranks as the most affordable international market, at $140,100, followed by Egypt's Sharm El Sheikh at $144,896; Charlottetown, Canada, at $157,630; and Granada, Nicaragua, at $158,375. Warsaw, Poland, at $417,760, is closest to the $422,343 U.S. average of all of the foreign markets covered in the latest index."

Ireland photos to follow soon... promise...


A Day In The Fort Lauderdale Life

OK, so you know what they say: lemonade from lemons, yeah?

Well, I took that to heart this week when Tim ClemNey wanted to stay home and drink beertwisted his ankle and couldn't follow through on his pledge to attend Mattie's 40th and then drive me back to Saratoga. So...

After some extra time with Thigh, I decided to call Delta and see what kind of specials they were running. I ended up here, in Fort Lauderdale, because a few hours on the beach -- and a stay at a great hotel (Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort) -- was just what the doc ordered.

I landed no sweat and was pounding the pavement before noon for lunch... Had a great lunch right on the beach, while the heavens opened. It poured. Came back to my mack-daddy suite, laid out on the beach, worked out -- then went to Thai on the Beach, a very cool restaurant just down the street.

Both meals were fish, of course -- the lunch was grilled tilapia over field greens, while the dinner was masman curry grouper. AMAZING.

Some of the captures are cool, so make sure to
check them out.

Great Thanks To All The Pollocks For An Awesome Week In Seattle

The full Seattle travel blog is coming soon. In the meantime, take a peek at a few of these... And make sure to drop me a line and let me know what you think!


Seattle Here We Come

A Pollock family reunion awaits... Pics and details to follow.


San Diego Updated! With My Other Fave SNL Skit, Deep House Dish

The upcoming SNL season figures to be awesome (or is it "grawesome"?), led hopefully by Deep House Dish. Ken reminded me to include that inside joke on our San Diego blog. Here's a snippet from SNL. Bo'kay?


San Diego: "F- Da Po Po" And So Much More

The San Diego Travel Blog is now live!

Lots of great stuff to catch up on there... Good times at Mission Beach, at the San Diego Open, and with Wayne and Ed.
Click here for more.



The Ireland Travel Blog is now live, and will be continually updated as I have time to load pics and reflections.


Costa Rica!

The Costa Rica travel blog is now live!