A Day In The Fort Lauderdale Life

OK, so you know what they say: lemonade from lemons, yeah?

Well, I took that to heart this week when Tim ClemNey wanted to stay home and drink beertwisted his ankle and couldn't follow through on his pledge to attend Mattie's 40th and then drive me back to Saratoga. So...

After some extra time with Thigh, I decided to call Delta and see what kind of specials they were running. I ended up here, in Fort Lauderdale, because a few hours on the beach -- and a stay at a great hotel (Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort) -- was just what the doc ordered.

I landed no sweat and was pounding the pavement before noon for lunch... Had a great lunch right on the beach, while the heavens opened. It poured. Came back to my mack-daddy suite, laid out on the beach, worked out -- then went to Thai on the Beach, a very cool restaurant just down the street.

Both meals were fish, of course -- the lunch was grilled tilapia over field greens, while the dinner was masman curry grouper. AMAZING.

Some of the captures are cool, so make sure to
check them out.
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