Fact To Fiction: A Writer Catches Improv Theatre

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
(from left: Stephanie Frasier, Will Pollock, Jill Camper & (seated) Nick Cooper)

(ATLANTA :: 23 March 2012) Us writer-types are notorious cocooners. We isolate and analyze, hewing to thought lines, parsing sentences, stretching syntax and linking semi-coherent thoughts to tell a story with which folks might identify.

We scare ourselves within the private confines of a looming deadline or project weight - with a screaming, nagging, fearful voice that only we hear. Yes, like a dog whistle, and it’s as loud as a police siren sometimes. We’re also taught to question conventional wisdom and turn over details for accuracy and truth.

Improv comedy, I’m delighted to say, is the polar opposite of the writer experience. (
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ARTvision Is In Full Swing! (And Other Musings)

ARTvision Atlanta is ramping up for an exciting seventh season of fundraising for Atlanta’s own Positive Impact.

We’ve got some exciting newcomers and other returning, legendary artists. Jump over to our site for more!

Also, some new tidbits on WP.com to take note of:

New header image. “Torrent” was taken at a clay-pot store OTP - I loved the colors of his planter so I snapped the pic of it.


My Awesome Level 1 Graduate Show @ Automatic Improv

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Yes, that’s me mugging in the middle.

Bryan Raybon: A Swing Dedication by the Lake

On a spectacular Saturday afternoon, family, friends and colleagues of Bryan Raybon gathered at Piedmont Park in Atlanta for a swing dedication in Bryan’s honor. The event was a fitting tribute to a man so many of us knew and loved - and who lost his battle with a rare, aggressive form of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma late last year. (more)

ARTvision-7 Is Underway!

The announcement of season seven for ARTvision Atlanta, "Uncharted: Travel to Enchanted Lands", fund-raising for Positive Impact officially starts after the 2012 Labor Day weekend. And we’re in need of re-signing existing sponsors, finding new companies and people, and finding a suitable gallery to house our even in early December.

In other words,
we want you!

ARTvision presents a unique opportunity for an Atlanta-area gallery to give back to the community and allow some great works to be shown by national and international artists. From Zurich to California and New York to Denmark, we display works from all over the world that fit the year's theme. We want these pieces to shine in the best light possible. (
read more)

To find out more, visit
www.artvisionatl.org, or drop me a line.

ARTvision-7 Video Teaser & Artist Call


So Awesome I Had To Share


UPDATED: Matthew Kahler Headlines 'Listening Experience' at Studioplex

Seat Update! Click through for more.

From Tina Turner’s arena tours to the single guitarist strumming on a subway platform, the music should always be the star of the show.

Such is the case with Matthew Kahler, an Atlanta mainstay and legendary storyteller, musician and artist. I’m lucky to call him a friend, and now, marking our first in a “listening experience” series, Matthew will be performing for 50 eager attendees at Studioplex Atlanta this Saturday night. (
read more)

Promo Video for "Story & Song with Matthew Kahler"


Broadway Sings 'It Gets Better' For The Trevor Project

The folks who entertain us on Broadway are some of the most generous, awake and kind people out there today - constantly giving of their time and energy to “make it better.” Countless “Broadway Cares” events from Actor’s Equity show how much they invest themselves in the community.

Here’s another great example of Broadway giving back, this time for
The Trevor Project.

Not to be left out, watch for similar “It Gets Better” themes from this year’s

Reminder: ARTvision Submissions Are Now Open

We already have a number of submissions - from the likes of Delia Cochran, Frank Wickstead, Brenda McMillen - with many more to follow.

Be part of our fifth anniversary! Go to artvisionatl.org for more. And don’t forget to watch our promo video:


Sometimes Beauty Is 'Strewn' All Over Our Lives. We Just Have To Look For It

”Strewn” heads up wp.com for August... And it struck me as unusually bleak and yet beautiful all in one.

I was at a wedding in Maryland with Jason and this was the moment there were three photographers shooting the moments following the ceremony - moments that were truly special. The feet in the picture are of the photographer of record, standing and switching the settings of her camera.

The color of the yellow rose petals against the grain of the dock was truly a sight to see. hope you enjoy.

# # #

Thanks To All For A Terrific Birthday Weekend

Go directly to the Facebook Note I wrote.

Initiation & Imagination: Watch For New Projects Coming Soon In 2010

(CHARLOTTESVILLE :: 8 February 2010) After boffo numbers for ARTvision-4 - to the tune of more than $7,000 - I am turning attention to new endeavors in the coming months.

• In March, watch for the launch of
WillofAtlanta.com - a viewer- and fan-derived site that profiles and collects some of the best sights, sounds, eats and attractions that Atlanta has to offer.
• I am co-curator of my 20th reunion’s
Alumni Art Exhibition at Skidmore College. We’re accepting submissions now so if you have one please let me know ASAP.
• A number of projects are coming down the pike for
The Sunday Paper, including a profile of Affairs to Remember and its green initiatives; and a story about race in the barber chair.
• Continuing development of “
EIQ: Everyman’s Guide to Developing Emotional Fortitude” - working on finding an agent, publicist, publisher and, ultimately, readers!
• Relaunch of the
Stone Four Media Web site and a new location for Stone Four Studios, both coming very soon.
• More
captures and posts here at wp.com. Now that ARTvision has concluded I have more time for posting.
• Updated wp.com pages:
reel, who? and tunes.

My great thanks to all ARTvision
buyers, volunteers and artists - all of which came together in celebration of the arts to support Positive Impact.

(New header capture: “Answered.” purchased by Wayne Sun; thumbnail: “Absurd Alphabet” by Sean Mansfield, both in honor of ARTvision-4.)


With Focus On ARTvision, No Time to Post

(ATLANTA :: 27 November 2009) We’re in the final throes of ARTvision 4... And much of my time has been spent organizing our 25 or so artists who have generously donated more than $13,000 in donations.

Now we’re working on getting everything sold!

Meantime, check out the new header capture for December/January... “
Answered.” - an ARTvision entry that’s for sale right now for the benefit of Positive Impact.

Check it out. Meantime, more announcements to follow in the New Year.

Partying With Purpose & Impact

We came together at The Granite Room to kick-off the giving season with a bang... and I even got to sing with Alexis Vear.

Next up? ARTvision 2009. Watch for details soon.

Notes from the YouTube video:

“Atlanta's own Positive Impact threw its second-annual "Parties with Impact" gala at The Granite Room in Castleberry Hill. Alexis Vear (accompanied by guitarist Matthew Smith) headlined the event, with clips including "Step Out," a song Alexis wrote about Eddie's Attic; as well as covers of "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper and "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" by U2 - a duet with Will Pollock (additional backing vocals by Todd Price). Videography by Will Pollock & Todd Price; edited by Will Pollock. ARTvision 2009 sales launch on December 1st. For more, visit www.positiveimpact-atl.org.”


'Fit To Print': Thanks To Mama Jean For Loaning Her Fingertips

Check out Mama Jean up top on wp.com! Taken on our boat in the South of France.

She’s reading The Times and enjoying the start of our day.


This is also a Pride 2009 preview picture, and depending on how things go, could be an ARTvision piece.


Vote For Triscuit!

Vote for my DogSponsored by All American Pet Brands makers of premium dog food.

Best Birthday Wishes To Wayne Sun... Who Hosts A Mean Party


Help Me Raise $500 (Or More!) For This Year's Emory AIDS Ride

(ATLANTA :: 17 March 2009) Despite being scared shitless about “the unknown” of a long bike race, I’ve decided to take part in and sponsor the 2009 AIDS Vaccine 200 - a 200-mile bike ride benefiting Emory Vaccine Center right here in Atlanta.

Support the effort and sponsor my ride!

Why is this is a significant event? Emory’s is the “only university-based vaccine research center in the U.S. to have an AIDS vaccine candidate in clinical trials,” according to the EVC Web site. That distinguishes our great city by having such expert people working to lessen the effects of HIV - people like EVC scientist Harriet Robinson, Ph.D., who created EVC with her colleagues at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Their vaccine candidate successfully prevented AIDS in monkeys.

So... I’m riding for many reasons. First, to support Emory’s hard work. Also, to get in better shape and try a new sport I have only a peripheral understanding of or involvement in. And finally, putting the “rubber on the road” and making a difference.

I think of all the great generosity folks showed for our ARTvision event this year, and I’m sure we can rally again to make this great organization some cashola!

To donate directly to my page,
click here, or e-mail me and I can send you donation information! Thanks in advance for your support.


Strength In Numbers: Help Tip The Scales For A Better Future

(BOSTON :: 14 March 2009) - A tipping point is fast approaching.

Great change is always preceded by intense turmoil, and I believe we are at just the beginning of a vast reinvention of our global society. With the book proposal done (the book speaks directly to the “change factor” that we, ourselves, control) and the book-agent search officially on, I thought this Web site popped up at just the right time.

Take a look at
Worldwide Tipping Point, and how you can send energy to this cause. Quoting the site:

“Thomas Paine wrote during the time of the American Revolution, ‘we have it in our power to begin the world over again,’ and that is exactly what people living on this planet right here, right now have the opportunity to do!”

The Web site founder:

Log on and help tip the scales today. More to follow on this topic... Thanks to Brenda for passing it along.


Making A 'Positive Impact' With Broad-based HIV Prevention

(ATLANTA :: 1 Dec. 2008) - With the world's attention culminating again today, Dec. 1, each year we get a little closer to understanding how HIV and AIDS affects Atlanta, the country and the rest of the world.

On the 20th annual
World AIDS Day, I'm happy to announce the official launch of ARTvision's Web site... our third year of bringing together artists and buyers in the name of charity. We have a record number of donating artists this year and have already sold our first piece - with hopefully more to follow!

Positive Impact is our beneficiary. Get to know them... We embark on ARTvision's month-long fundraising drive for a reason - PI is in very real need of funds to sustain their HIV prevention programs and to help offset leasing costs and the economic downturn. A wide range of price points - from $50 to $800 - means you have lots of opportunities to help PI make a good chunk of change. (browse now)

So, an ARTvision purchase is a direct and unfettered statement of support for PI's broad-based prevention and treatment services, which are now coming from
a more macro perspective, expanded from a sex-behavior theory to a total lifestyle ideology.

ARTvision is the perfect chance to lock in a last-minute tax deduction, support a great organization and receive some snazzy artwork in the process.

Watch the site this week as we load more artists. Let's make some cash! - WP

Don't Need To Be A 'Woman Of Color' To Appreciate This

All villages matter. And it's our rise in consciousness that helps us know that.


Please Support My AIDS Walk 2008 Effort!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to my AIDS Walk effort so far. The following people completely rock my world:

Frank Wickstead

Lisa Ferreri

Dean & Mary Pollock

Beth Wade

Tim Clemmey

Help me blow past my goal even further! AID Atlanta is one of the best organizations of its kind.

Also, I'm a "Green Walker" this year, which means I'm bringing old cell phones and toner cartridges with me to recycle, and walking to and from the event.

Thanks for your support.



You Raised $3,590 For Obama... Triscuit For Vice President!

Thanks ("...but no theeeanks!") and gratitude for all attendees of "Turning the Page: Atlantans Rally for Obama." Take a look at the pictures below... I loved seeing new and familiar (not old!) faces.

Thanks to Michael Baker of Positive Impact and Edmund Thornton of Georgia Pride for helping make this event so memorable.

Here's a look at the pictures:

And for those of you who missed Triscuit's Sarah Palin hissy fit, here you go:


Of Bras, Panties And Hair Styling: Cloris Leachman On Bonnie Hunt

Take a break from the grind and look at this clip from The Bonnie Hunt Show.

She and Cloris Leachman have great chemistry and you'll laugh your ass off.

Frankly I was surprised at how at ease Bonnie Hunt is with her new show.



ARTvision Atlanta 2008 - Call For Submissions!

We have our new charity, Positive Impact, and we are ramping up a new site... (coming soon).

And we're ready for your submissions! Please forward them to me ASAP, but sooner rather than later.

For more, check out

Submission deadline: Oct. 15

Soft open: Nov. 15

Official go-live: Dec. 1

Send me an e-mail!

We've Got The Ticket, And A Golden Opportunity

In honor of choosing Biden today, I offer up this new music video below.

Thanks to
Colbie Caillat for posting this to her MySpace page. (She appears in the video.)

I would have preferred a different VP, but given the state of affairs in the world, I understand it.

Compared with McCain, Obama for me is the clear choice. When you look at the two candidates and how urgently we need a fresh, progressive perspective in the White House, Obama fits the bill.


Happy Birthday Lee! And Thanks To Leslie & All For Planning


Provocative? Evocative? Maines Was Then, And Is Now, A Hero

(ATLANTA :: 7 July 2008) Funny how time flies after being called a bitch.

And that's the nice language. Here's a classic from the MySpace TV vault that can be watched over and over for its honesty and spot-on message.

Dixie Chicks: Not Ready to Make Nice-ACL 2007

Back in 2003,
Maines expressed regret that our president hailed from Texas. Back then, in my mind, the whole thing won Best in Show in the "Who Gives A Shit" competition of offensive remarks. But whatever.

As it turns out, since then, we've come to know the Bush Administration for playing fast and loose with our freedoms, our military and foreign-policy decisions, and his choices to head up key leadership roles. And that's just for starters.

"Doin' a heckuva job Brownie."

From self-aggrandizing executive signing orders to consolidating executive-branch power, he's not only a failure but a danger to our nation as long as he's in office. I'm counting the days.

I'd be ashamed if he were from Atlanta (or New York, or Virginia -- even West Virginia). Happy The good news? We got that great CD out of the whole affair, and they were rewarded for it at the Grammys.

As you watch the above beautiful video, remember how much shit Maines and the Chicks got (remember the radio station-sponsored bulldozers running over their CDs?) and how she transmuted it into something truly amazing.

Turns out, I'm very often not ready to make nice, either.


# # #


No Embedding? Fine... I'll Go To The Concert And Do It Myself

This is a sequel post from yesterday. Mission accomplished.

I suppose I played right into their hands by attending the concert, but at least I kept my protest clean by not patronizing
Ticketwhore, oh sorry, I mean Ticketmaster. I bought directly from Variety Playhouse's box office.

Enjoy the clip below. More to follow on my
YouTube channel.

Colbie Caillat's vocals were strong and the audience seemed chill and engaged. A rare combination. Kudos to her for sticking with small venues.


Corporate America Sucks Ass

I'm going to see Colbie Caillat tonight at Variety Playhouse. I'd like to embed one of her videos from YouTube, but I can't because Universal Music has disabled that function.

The company obviously believes that being purveyors of creative property translates into being proprietary assholes.

So, instead of posting her video -- in fact, as a protest to NBC Universal's refusal to play in the sandbox like the rest of us -- here's a montage from a stalwart

This little nugget has about 800K views... Hits that the greedy bastards at the record company would have benefited from.


Happy Day To All Of Our Fathers

Don't send a lame Father's Day eCard.
Try JibJab Sendables!

Huge Thanks To All Who Swarmed Atlanta & Artistry For 40/70

...and perhaps a preview of 50/80?


More photos and videos coming soon.

Demand Gavin Mikhail In Atlanta... Great Tunes


This Entire CD Is Awesome... If You Just 'Realize' Colbie

Upcoming Events by Eventful

I Know Her So Well: Not Just In The Movies

Check out this video: I Know Him So Well

Add to My Profile | More Videos

The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia... To Show We Care

The world is speaking to us, and this is our way of listening.

Turn your lights off tonight at 8 p.m. for an hour and take a stand...


A House Is Not A Home...

...especially when its guts are turned inside out.

Take a close look at the hideous basement and the boring, ivy-laden front yard. Their days are numbered.


Just today workers were blazing through the half-baked drywall down there to prepare for the "big dig" down to the footings.

I'm hiding out at the office now. Oy.

And yes, the basement really is that hideous.


NYE 2007-2008 Pictures Are Finally Loaded

Our Sixth Annual NYE Gourmet Pizza Extravaganza was a huge hit... Even the "Frank," pictured left, was devoured in no time flat.

Thanks to Rocky and Larry Goldstein for creating "
The Frank." We're gonna do more custom pies next year for sure.

Click through to my Dot Mac page for the full scoop. I'll keep a link in the sidebar for the pics, too.


In Honor Of ARTvision, "Trust Your Turn" For January 2008

I originally had chosen a piece from Ireland as January's wp.com header, but hey - when a better urge comes along, go with it, right?

To honor the artists and buyers for ARTvision - specifically, Rebecca Walt and Larry Goldstein, buyers of "Trust Your Turn" - I modified the photo that spoke so clearly to the people who were listening... Happy Thanks to Rebecca and Larry for being so enthusiastically connected to this year's event.

This version of TYT is a limited edition of five, and three still remain for this year's
ARTvision. Speaking of which, sales are still open! We've discounted some pieces and would love it if you'd go and browse.

We've just blazed past the $2K mark, with hopefully more sales to go, so it's been a huge success. Ongoing thanks to Craig Eister for helping to support the event for

Bust out the tape measure and see if any of
these beautiful ARTvision pieces would brighten up your house. More soon.

Wishing Suze Continued 'Truth' While On The Road In '08

"The Gospel Truth" is a wonderful take on spirituality... if you haven't taken a listen yet, do so here.


ARTvision 2007: Give In To The Spirit And Support ASP

Another shameless plug for our ARTvision artists -- we need to make a last-minute push to make some money!

Click through to
ARTvision now and browse for great pieces of sculpture, photography, art and music. 100% of proceeds go to AIDS Survival Project.


"Run For Justice" Raises $15,000

Hey, I did my part...

Ran for Justice to help those less fortunate... A 5K race to benefit Atlanta Legal Aid, a group that represents Atlanta's poor in civil cases (since 1924 I might add).

Oh yeah, and I ran to celebrate 5 full years of no Marlboro Lights. Happy Slow and steady, no stopping - and I survived the Virginia Highland hills, too.

Click here for fotos, and you can see I talked someone into snapping my pic post-race.

I'm in the cattle-shot in the beginning, but it's impossible to see me.


ARTvision 2007, Now Live, Celebrates The Nation's Musicians

ARTvision 2007 is now live! Click through to explore our artists -- a wide representation of the arts.

Today, we celebrate three talented musicians/groups who've agreed to participate this year. I'd like to extend personal thanks to them, and an invitation to other artists who share our drive to raise money before the end of the year to donate a CD, signed poster or something else that might raise some cash.

Even a testimonial would help our cause -- please
contact me for more info.

Adding this category was a no-brainer this year, given my love of music, performing and taking in live tunes. Check out ARTvision's new music vibe:

Julia Murney

The Wayne Fishell Experiment

Jennifer Paige

This year, ARTvision's beneficiary is AIDS Survival Project.

Check in at
www.artvisionatl.org throughout the month for some great buying (and giving) opportunities! More in this and other categories soon.


Thanks To Everyone Who Attended 'Therapeutic Art Show"

Take a look at the event pictures!

The Crush Grows, As If I Needed An Excuse

This is ROTFL stuff... I was wheezing laughing so hard.


Hanson Brings Their A Game To The Roxy In Buckhead

Come hell or high water, I always say.

Not even
a suicidal maniac could put the kybosh on this rare nighttime trip to Buckhead. My boys, Hanson, rocked the house at The Roxy.

See below, and enjoy.


Congratulations To Brenda McMillen For Winning Best In Show!

ARTvision artist Brenda McMillen recently won Best in Show at a recent exhibit at DeFoor Centre. The piece, pictured here, was purchased by the owner of The Art School in Sandy Springs.

Brenda will once again be exhibiting in
ARTvision 2007, with at least two pieces. Stay tuned for more. Make sure to send Brenda congrats.

Gunn, Pelosi & Ugly Betty Players Lead A Star Parade In D.C.

(Washington, D.C. ~ 14 October 2007) - The tuxedos and ball gowns came out in full force for HRC's National Dinner, led admirably by Ted Toon and Sarah Booth. What an awesome time!

We had the absolute pleasure of sitting with many of Ted's family members, Rolando, as well as other pals Clarke, Sam, Val and Rebecca. The food was tasty, when we weren't glued to the stage -- and since this photog was six feet from keynote speaker
Nancy Pelosi and one table from Tim Gunn, I didn't spend very much time eating!

Ken and Dale and Laurice and Rebecca were all within spittin' distance from us, too. So much fun to be amongst so many familiar faces.

The best way to describe the night is as a "peak experience" - where people came together to hear how hard Pelosi has worked from the beginning on representing her San Francisco constituents in fighting the spread of HIV and AIDS, as well as many other issues. Even some surprise war protesters could not dull the evening.

Once I saw how close I was to Tim Gunn, I was immediately on a mission to meet him and have a good story to tell Penny -- who is a stalker-level fan of Guide to Style. I treated Pen to a tribute page with a collection of pix from my meeting with Mr. Gunn, who gave me some props for my "cream" colored tuxedo. Thanks to Sam for his great shots of that moment, and to everyone for alerting me to the many other photo opps we had throughout the evening.

Thanks also to Ted and Rolando for being such spectacular hosts; to Ted's whole family for being so awesome; and to Rolando and Rebecca for asking me to design the program ad. How in the hell did we keep that a secret??

For more, visit the Kodak Gallery event pictures, as well as the page I loaded on candids. Movie clips to follow...

Enjoy! Happy


Call For Participation In ARTvision 2007; ASP Named Beneficiary

ARTvision will return for another year with a new focus -- and a new beneficiary. Here's the story:

(ATLANTA – 11 October 2007) ARTvision is pleased to announce a second year of its online art and photography benefit, returning in 2007 with a new beneficiary: AIDS Survival Project (ASP). Atlanta's own ASP is a leader in fostering self-empowerment and enhanced quality of life for people living with HIV, working through advocacy, education, peer support and treatment activism.

With a number of other organizations under its umbrella, ASP works throughout the state of Georgia using community-based advocacy and HIV treatment education.

ARTvision is now known as ARTvision Atlanta, with the intent on enhancing global awareness of ASP and to bring attention to the philanthropic spirit and burgeoning growth of our great city.

ARTvision Atlanta's sales will open on December 1st,
World AIDS Day, and conclude on December 31, 2007 - punctuated by Will Pollock's Sixth Annual Gourmet Pizza Extravaganza on New Year's Eve.

ARTvision is now in its Call for Participation phase. If you or someone you know would like to donate a piece for this online art show, or know a potential sponsor, please contact
Will Pollock or ASP's Craig Eister via e-mail. More details on artists and sales to follow. - Will Pollock

Shawn Mullins Brings His A Game To Eddies... Again

This is the first in a series I'm gonna upload this week... Shawn Mullins once again knocked us all over at Eddie's Attic, ending with a standing ovation after "Shimmer." Still the best in the business.

Thanks to Thom, Kim and Jimmy BB for making the company just as awesome as the entertainment. Pics and other videos to follow soon...


In Good Company: On-site Photos From Composition Gallery

Thanks to Ron at
Composition Gallery for putting on a great show. As you can see from these pictures, I was in great company -- I even bought two prints for myself.

New show opens there on rock-star pictures tonight... I saw a preview yesterday and it's super cool! Following rock stars around and snapping pictures of them? I want that job!


Liven Up Rainy Wimbledon... More Shots Like These, Please

Nadal has had the shot of the tourney so far...


Velcro Show: Support Local Artists And Visit Composition Gallery

I'm showing a couple of pieces at the upcoming Velcro Show at Composition Gallery... Including one seen below entitled "Dusk for Doolin," which I shot during my recent trip to Ireland. The show will go on for most of July, so make sure to check it out.

Reception and show kick-off: Saturday, July 7, 2007 (7 p.m. to 10 p.m.)
Show concludes: Friday, July 20, 2007

Composition Gallery is located in Candler Park and features affordable photographic works from local and regional artists. If you can't make the reception, please be sure to stop by the gallery and take a look.

Contact the gallery
here, and access the map for directions. Or... plot it on Mapquest!


Jack & Ken: Division A Champions In San Diego!

See match point below, and click here for the captures!


Rain @ Wimbledon: Eyes On The Prize There, Buddy

Sent to us in SD from one of Ken's buddies... notice where (most of) the attention is directed as the tarp comes out.


The Boys In San Diego: So You Think You Can... Prance?

Having a blast out here at the San Diego Open, where I bombed out of the tourney early, but Jack and Ken are in the finals this afternoon! I'll follow up with event pics later.

Meantime, during off-court time at Barnes Tennis Center, Jack and Ken visited with Mary Murphy -- famed judge of So You Think You Can Dance and repped by former Atlanta resident Michael Sanchez (brother of Season One host Lauren Sanchez). I wasn't able to meet her, but I heard all about it. The pic here is of Jack and Mary with Kynni behind the cell camera.

Many more pics to follow, including captures from Mission Beach and some landscapes.


Rev. Paul Graetz Represents At Atlanta Pride

Thom and I ventured out today and met Rev. Paul... For more, visit the my Pride captures or go directly to the Atlanta Pride YouTube channel. Cheers!


Weekend In D.C.: A Meeting Of Minds (And Appetites)

Great thanks to Ted and Rolando for hosting me in D.C. ...and to Michele "Snush" Segre for organizing our great outing in Bethesda, Md., at Mia's Pizzas.

The day itself was expansive to say the least. Ted, Rolando and I hoofed it in Bethesda to
Discovery Galleries -- a destination that caught Ted's eye from a mailer to area residents. The hybrid-concentration gallery was showing pieces by Christos Palios and Anne Packard -- both of which had stunning works on display. I'm going to try and pitch a story about this gallery in the coming weeks.

We were joined later that afternoon by Michele, Rebecca and Larise at Mia's as the six of us did "market research" for the forthcoming sixth annual
NYE Gourmet Pizza Extravaganza. But we also connected with our great host (and Mia's' owner) Melissa as she graciously donated a gift certificate for the HRC's Eleventh Annual National Dinner, an extravaganza in its own right being co-chaired by our very own Ted Toon!

Volunteer possibilities abound for this event, so make sure to learn more and get involved.

Back to the matter at hand: If you haven't checked out Mia's, this new hip and happenin' joint, definitely make the trip. For more on this great day,
jump to the captures.

Veterans Day: In Honor Of Opa

I'm named after my late grandfather, William Stone Weedon, who was a decorated veteran of World War II and a fixture at the University of Virginia. With my birthday and Veterans Day converging at the same time each year, I thought it appropriate to use "The Google" and find some information on him -- some of which I didn't know before. Here's what I came up with:

• In 2003, UVa named an
Endowed Professorship in his honor
• He received his undergraduate degree (1929) and graduate degree in Arts & Sciences (1936) from
UVa, and continued on as a professor long afterward
• He advanced the understanding of East Asian architecture within the university community
• He received the Raven Award, the
Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award, and in 1976, the Thomas Jefferson Award -- UVa's highest honor.
• He was named to University Professorship, which entitled him to teach any subject of his choosing on the UVa campus.

I hope he's watching with approval.

Fame Is Fleeting...

...wait, only 15 minutes?

Thom, Jimmy BB and I went out and took in some great tunes at Red Light Cafe... David Atlanta was out in force getting the shots.


Annie Leibovitz Shares Her Public & Personal Lives At The High

(ATLANTA) - Mike King and I attended the Annie Leibovitz show at the High Museum in Atlanta yesterday... She made emotional and heartfelt remarks to an appreciative crowd, marking the debut of her new exposition, "Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer's Life, 1990-2005."

The late
Susan Sontag, as well as Leibovitz's mother and father, were all remembered in the collection and in Leibovitz's speech. Set against the High's new space, it was surely an evening I'll never forget. The collection itself is a bold and courageous look at one of our country's most cherished creative talents. Jump to the YouTube clip

A Photographer's Life: An Evening With Annie Leibovitz (and Mike)

One of our most cherished photographers (and one of my idols) will be visiting Atlanta tomorrow to kick off her show at the High Museum. Mike King and I will be attending and I hope to post some pictures from the event... This is a no brainer, since I always try to support the arts community here, and also, I'm hoping even a fraction of her awesomeness will rub off.

Recycle For Success: Jenny Krasner Talks Some Trash In New York

Our great friend Jenny Krasner takes her "trash talking" girl power to Albany for a waste/recycling panel and exhibition at the NY State Environmental Agency. "Artists who Work With Discards, Media and Message" included (from left) Valeri Larko, Chakaia Booker & Jenny @ Bolton Landing.


Jack Jean Wins 'Excellence in Education' Award At The Ted

Gibson, Andrea and I were happy to go drink beer while Jackie Jean accepted his "Excellence in Education" award (I took pictures, of course). The Bravos promptly lost a lousy game to the Padres, during which there was a great deal of mutual plunking. As I learned later, the Padres' pitcher, Chris Young is nearly 7 feet tall! (He's 6'10".) ---> Jump to the captures


Happy Birthday Mamacita!


Susan Werner Brings Her 'Strange Nation' Back to Eddie's Attic!

Thom and I went to see Susan Werner at Eddie's Attic in Decatur -- and we were treated to two other opening artists: Danielle Miraglia and Larry Zarella.

I found Susan on a night about 10 years ago when she opened for
Joan Armitrading at Variety Playhouse. Spectacular folk singer and storyteller... always treats people at Eddie's like familiar friends. As she always does after her shows at Eddie's, Susan hung out with us after she slayed everyone with an a cappella encore. (see pic, at left).

Her original "
My Strange Nation" song is the perfect antidote for our global troubles and frustrations. For more, go to myYouTube Live Clips page.


A Clip of Soulstice ~ In Honor of The Fallen At Virginia Tech


Sunday Brunch @ Greencroft

The parentals and I went out to Greencroft to celebrate the Easter holiday...

All three of us had a glass of champagne, and the afternoon was fun. Fat Girl was waiting for us at home tapping her foot for her own meal (hold the Wheat Gluten).

Quick JP Clip

Crazy-lame quality, but here's a quick cell-phone clip of Jennifer Paige warming up the Smith's crowd with "Crush." Gene and I bought "Best Kept Secret," Jen's EP prelude to her new CD. A few great tunes to check out!


Jennifer Paige & Josh Kelley Rock Midtown Atlanta

Atlanta native and good friend Jennifer Paige is stomping back into the ATL on Wednesday for a concert at Smith's Olde Bar... If you're in town and can make it, please join us. Jen opens at 9:15 p.m., just before Josh Kelley at 10:15 p.m.; Josh is also an awesome vocalist and songwriter. (You'll remember him from songs like 2003's "Amazing," among others.) Tickets are available in advance for $12 but they should also be available at the door for $15. Parking is available at Ansley Mall across the street. I met Jennifer before I moved to Atlanta in the early 90s through Gene Rector... she has released two AMAZING CDs (her self-titled debut and "Positively Somewhere"), and is working on her third studio disc. If you can't make it to the event -- and to sample some great tunes -- make sure to view her MySpace page or cheer her on with a comment below. For a quick-hit bio and more info, go to Answers.com. Go Jenny!

And The Winner Is...

Craig Eister's Annual Oscar bash is coming up on Sunday! Make sure to check it out... ---> jump The event benefits ASP and recently earned ink in the AJC. Check out the article in yesterday's Peach Buzz.

JJ's Awesome Performance

Jack Jean rocked the (opera) house in the sticks with a winning xylophone solo... ---> jump