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Five Reasons Why ‘Pizza for Good’ Can And Will Break The Media-coverage Digital Ceiling

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by Will Pollock

(28 December 2013 :: ATLANTA) You might call this post an ebook-marketing manifesto. You might call it a plea. You might also call it a pipe dream.

Whatever you think after reading, one thing is for sure: local and national media turn their noses up at eBooks, and it’s time to shift that paradigm. If traditional books
may be on the decline statistically, news outlets haven’t gotten that memo. Too many good ebooks are going un-covered, unloved and un-bought. And my first eBook, “Pizza for Good,” is as good as any to break the mold. “PFG” can and will give enterprising, altruistic folks a fun way to raise money for causes that need it.

Why should “Pizza for Good” be the book that breaks through? Glad you asked. Here’s why this book deserves more coverage:

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America’s Favorite Food. Pizza is the “culinary magnetic charge that transforms hungry people in to a unified army,” as I write in the book’s introduction. You know the feeling of anticipation when you order take-away pizza—but what if I told you that delicious, fresh pizza made at home using fresh ingredients also can be a rally cry to raise money? The book explains a simple blueprint for doing just that, and you get some snazzy recipes, photos, video and stories, too. Speaking of which…

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Themed-pizza recipes. Funny stories abound in PFG, including “Lulu Lives,” a profile and remembrance of Lulu Frulla, the “trash-talking Queen of No.” This is the lead chapter and it gives you a quick-yet-tasty recipe for breaded chicken diced and then smothered with mozzarella cheese. The story, and the pie, are awesome. (Warning: salty language is used.)

"Pizza for Good" Blooper Reel from Will Pollock on Vimeo.

Embedded video. Statistics are hard to find on the prevalence of video embedded in eBooks, but PFG has it—and then some. I share some tips and tricks on preparing garlic, basil and citrus, and we even cut a blooper reel that you will definitely identify with as accidents do happen (and when a barking dog continually stops production in its tracks).

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Professional photography. My gal pal Lorikay Stone and I shot images for each and every chapter. Lorikay snapped the cover image, which is an action shot of cheese being added to “The Vampire Diaries,” an amazing concoction of fig reduction and sautéed garlic.

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It’s Cheap! Given all its interactive and multimedia features, at only $4.99, PFG is a bargain buy. We run discounts and specials all the time, so like the book on Facebook and keep tabs on when you can snag the book at an even cheaper price than list.

And a bonus reason: the message. Our communities have been devastated by budget cutbacks and priorities—each and every dollar we raise to support non-profits is another boost to their bottom line. There’s no better way to do that than throwing a pizza party!

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