Blogging @ Pizza for Good & ARTvision for the rest of 2014

I won’t be posting much to this blog page for the rest of the year. So make sure to jump over to these links:

Pizza for Good by Will Pollock
ARTvision Atlanta to benefit Positive Impact.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

New On PFG: Only Child II: Gorgeous Gougères [VIDEO]

My video intro to “Only Child II: Gorgeous Gougères” - on the Pizza for Good blog.


'Chowfunding': Could It Catch On?

Check out my piece on the PFG blog about “Chowfunding.” It could be a thing. Winking

'Pizza for Good' Book-release Party Video Trailer

What better way to tease the release of the book-release party video than to roast Penny Frulla?

Roasting Penny For Good from Will Pollock on Vimeo.

The set-up: we're about midway through the book-release party, and Penny is seated at the Troublemaker Table - a group of my friends in the back row who were giggling, laughing and generally causing trouble. I'm in the middle of a chapter presentation, and Penny's phone rang - and this is what happened next.

Full book-release party footage, including a short movie and a few other clips, coming soon.

Penny is the daughter-in-law of Lulu Frulla, the subject of Chapter One of
Pizza for Good. For more on the book and to purchase, click over to the book blog. Winking

Help Me Bust The eBook Bias: Five Reasons Why ‘Pizza for Good’ Can And Will Break The Media-coverage Glass Ceiling

You might call this post an ebook-marketing manifesto. You might call it a plea. You might also call it a pipe dream.

Whatever you think after reading, one thing is for sure: local and national media turn their noses up at eBooks, and it’s time to shift that paradigm. If traditional books
may be on the decline statistically, news outlets haven’t gotten that memo. Too many good ebooks are going un-covered, unloved and un-bought. And my first eBook, “Pizza for Good,” is as good as any to break the mold. “PFG” can and will give enterprising, altruistic folks a fun way to raise money for causes that need it.

Why should “Pizza for Good” be the book that breaks through? Glad you asked. Here’s the first of five reasons why this book deserves more coverage:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
America’s Favorite Food. Pizza is the “culinary magnetic charge that transforms hungry people in to a unified army,” as I write in the book’s introduction. You know the feeling of anticipation when you order take-away pizza—but what if I told you that delicious, fresh pizza made at home using fresh ingredients also can be a rally cry to raise money? The book explains a simple blueprint for doing just that, and you get some snazzy recipes, photos, video and stories, too.

Read the full blog post and please share with your friends! Most of all, have a safe and happy new year.

UPDATE: PFG got its first Amazon review! Delia C. wrote:

”Inspiring interactive book that connects all your senses to something important. Fun to read and very moving. The stories, the recipes all wonderful.”

Check out the review here—and remember: Amazon kudos are worth their weight in gold. If you’ve read the book and dug it, please write a quick review!

"Pizza for Good" Blooper Reel

Had a blast making the Pizza for Good embed video with Duncan Connor. A little *too much fun. Have a look:

"Pizza for Good" Blooper Reel from Will Pollock on Vimeo.