In Celebration of 700 Tweeps: Emory Professor @PamelaScully Inspires a RT of An Epic Higgins Interview

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About a year ago, I
celebrated 400 Tweeps with a special post with tips and anecdotes as a big “TY” to my followers. Today, as I was approaching the 700-follower mark (706 as of this writing), I started thinking up ways to love on my Tweeps. And it was in that contemplation that the right Tweet came at *exactly the right time to make my day better.

The Tweets usually fly so fast on Twitter that it’s easy to miss important posts and stories - as a news junkie, that’s the kiss of death. But I just happened to be at my computer working when the always-awesome
Pamela Scully Tweeted this:

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After having
just visited Ireland, I was intrigued to hear how the Michael Higgins interview went down. It was a barn-burner if there ever was one - and it marks an important outside opinion of how our politics work (or don’t work, as the case may be). He ripped radio-show host Michael Graham a new one, starting with this:

“You’re about as late an arrival in Irish politics as Sarah Palin is in American politics and both of you have the same tactic. The tactic is to get a large crowd, whip them up, try and discover what is the greatest fear, work on that, and feed it right back in a frenzy.”

And he’s a fan, basically, of the President:

Obama is “maybe one of the most gifted Presidents elected. I happen to not agree with all of his foreign policy; but you know you regard for example someone who happens to have been a professor at Harvard as somehow now very handicapped.You don’t find anything wrong at all with this Tea Party ignorance that is being brought all around the United States - which is regularly insulting people who have been democratically elected.”

More fervent eloquence:

“But one of the things I do agree, the idea of being a social floor, below which people wouldn’t fall, that’s the future. I think even the poorest people in the great country that is the United States should be entitled to basic health care.”

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The lesson of all this? Treasure your Tweeps and pay attention. You never know who outside the United States is watching us and distilling our political machinations better than any of us ever do. - WP

Full interview:

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