Your Move, Chick-fil-A

Jump over to my “Instinct in the Round: Gourmet Pizza for Good” blog for my latest post: “Your Move, Chick-fil-A.” It’s time we gave the chicken-sandwich company an opportunity not just to refute claims - but to take a quiet but direct stand for people.

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Guest Blogger: Shannon Marie King

Chick-Fil-A: A Sad, Divisive Day for Americans

Last night I went to bed ill, literally ill, because of yesterday’s “Support Chick-Fil-A” events. I saw a woman riding down the street on a bike with a, “I heart Chick-Fil-A” shirt. I saw the news “reporting” on the long lines and massive crowds waiting to “show their support” for their fellow Christians. And spoke to a dear friend who was oh so proud that she had gone and supported her fellow Christians in their stand for “the first amendment rights of Christians” in support of traditional marriage. It felt like I was stabbed in the heart. I am a married straight woman, in love completely with my husband and, on most days, happily married. I’m not going to try to fathom how this day has made my fellow human beings of the LGBT community feel. If I am this upset, I can only imagine this was a very painful reminder of just how little our country truly cares for their human rights and their equality. (
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