Despite Earlier Snark, I'm Excited for 'Star Wars'

I had some choice words for Abrams after he agreed to take on both Star Wars AND Star Trek. Now that he’s not directing ST III, I can focus on being stoked for this:


Neutral Zone Breach: Why JJ Abrams Directing Star Wars is Bad for Sci-Fi

In "The Enterprise Incident," an episode in the original Star Trek series that aired in September 1968, Kirk & Co. enter the neutral zone between Federation and Romulan space without permission. They are captured and, after a struggle, Kirk is presumed dead - then brought back to life as Romulan. The episode proves how odd and uncomfortable it is for fans to see the fearless leader of a ship transformed as a different race altogether.

JJ Abrams accepting the gig to direct
Star Wars: Episode VII creates a similar dis-ease. He may be able to save that operatic saga from the dark, cartoonish canyons of Jar Jar Binks, but it’s to the disillusionment of newly forged Star Trek fans. I have and always will be invested in both franchises, intensely so, but to put the same man in charge of both violates an unseen firewall that many sci-fi geeks place between the two. (read the post)