Atlanta Muni Traffic-court Musings

I had my traffic-court date today, my first ever. The poh poh pulled me over for a stop-sign violation just before the New Year to make quota, I guess, since he said (quoting) “you kind of went right through the stop sign.”

I wonder if “kind of” is a box you check on the ticket? Whatever. As a huge Law & Order fan, I welcome the chance to go down and check out the freakshow that is invariably there every week. Basically, this is me:

I welcome jury duty, too, but I don’t take it upon myself to call in for cases.

Some fun things that happened today:

• The judge was absent, playing golf probably, so I have to go back a second and third time.
• Officer Polk, the bailiff, was AWESOME - just like the wise-cracking one on Judge Judy.
• I was trolled by a Chatty Cathy dude, who was cited for selling cookies at Five Points. Yes, really. He had the most disgusting sneeze involving fluids and screeching that it made me mentally gag. Officer Polk, to his credit, kept telling him to stifle. Cathy just kept talking - even to people like me who for sure weren’t listening.
• About half of the names called were absent, which triggers a bench warrant. I wonder how much that costs the city - keeping track of city deadbeats.
• Those of us with minor citations were given the option to pay a reduced fine - about half. 99% of people eligible to do this (called “
PTIT” or pre-trial intervention traffic) accepted and went to pay - I declined so I could have my judge time.
• I took MARTA, which is relatively easy since I don’t have to change trains. Much easier than parking downtown - ably pointed out by my Tweep,

Stay tuned. I’ll update this post in a month when I go back to the City Circus.
- WP