'Torrent' Heads Up WP.com For August/September

An entry into the Gertrude Herbert Fine Art Competition, “Torrent” is the result of a visit to the pottery place in North Atlanta. “Kiln Candy” comes from the same shoot that day. Enjoy.

“Torrent” (Atlanta, GA)


"Kiln Candy" Heads Up WP.com For June 2011

“Kiln Candy” heads up willpollock.com this month - an image of a planter shot at a pot warehouse in metro Atlanta.

“Kiln Candy”

This piece has been submitted to the Gertrude Herbert Institute National Juried Fine Art Competition - along with four other contemporary photographs. Stay tuned, and please keep your fingers crossed.

Also new this month: the launch of
Stone Four Media on PhotoStockPlus.com. This page will retail my fine-art and stock photography for a broader audience. Check back frequently for updates!