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From Careless 'Whisper' Into Triscuit... A Spunky, Capable, Playful Canine

(SARATOGA SPRINGS :: 31 March 2010) Let’s face it, massaging the bite out of Triscuit Pollock has been no small task - and it is, of course, a process with no end.

But as I continue to slowly coax her off of her Terrier-esque attack-mode pedestal, we have seen progress that has made my heart literally jump into my throat with joy. Because for the first time I saw a dog with deep behavioral and socializing issues actually look forward to horseplay with her new boyfriend,
Fenway Clemmey.

Let me back up. A few weeks prior to our trip to Saratoga to plan our
Skidmore Reunion Art Exhibition, Charley sent me a packet filled with all of Triscuit’s paperwork - including her original adoption notes. Her given name was “Whisper” and the adoption-card comments read as follows:

“Whisper is a playful, curious pup who gets along well with people but DOES NOT play well with other dogs.”

And we’ve seen that play out on the streets on midtown quite a bit, actually, much to my chagrin.

With that, my expectations throughout her training have been relatively low, marked by fits and starts of progress. Our recent trip to Saratoga was preceded by intensive collar training and even a one-on-one session. All that work, though, paid off in spades as I witnessed Triscuit actually sort out her protective, Napoleonic nature by actually not getting angry and allowing Fenway to be himself - all the while asserting herself as Queen Bee.

The lesson? Never give up. If you approach any project with love and intention, you’re upping your chances for a great result. She may have left her “Whisper” days behind, but she can still talk softly when the need arises.

Taking Terror Out Of The Terrier. Yeah, Good Luck With That


A Canine Revolution: Dogs Unite Against Sarah Palin

See, Triscuit ain't the only one offended by Palintology.

To wit:


Canines Unite Against Another Four Years Of GOP Imperalism

I'm not trying to influence her vote, but Triscuit is an Obama supporter.

And as evidenced by the video, she's part of the "Women Against Palin" movement. I concur.

For your consideration:


Road Trip!

I had an expert co-pilot up to Virginia.


Happy Birthday Triscuit

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A Trip To Fort Lauderdale Produces 'Tailgate'

Make sure to check out this little guy at and
vote for him in the category.

Charley found him hanging out one morning during our visit, and I got down on my hands and knees to get the shot.

...and that was after Charley got wigged out by some lizard that jumped out at him in the bushes. Happy


You Want Cheese With That Whine?


'Triscuit Knows': When Canine Wisdom Supercedes Age

Triscuit, Charley's three-year-old rat terrier, gets her day in the sun. Literally.

This photo is entitled "Triscuit Knows" because she always has such a mature, knowing look to her.

She's always calm, cool and collected... unless Animal Planet is running, and then
all hell breaks loose.

Enjoy... And make sure to
check it out at!