Should I Start Playing The Vegas Slots?

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I got majorly lucky last night when I scurried to grab my iPad to start shooting during a raucous thunder storm. The first few shots I took were unremarkable - and if I walked away with just one shot of a lighting bolt I’d have been happy.

But along came the Money Shot, pictured above. I posted to
Facebook and got 75+ likes; upon Tweeting I got a bunch of retweets, including ones from CNN’s Rob Marciano and WSB’s David Chandley; and Atlanta’s NBC affiliate, 11 Alive, posted it to its website when I Tweeted it to Jennifer Leslie.

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After some urging on Facebook, I’ve also submitted to The Today Show and The Weather Channel. Stay tuned.


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Fran Townsend Is A Partisan, Biased Hack. That's All

(ATLANTA - 28 May 2008) :: I vomited in my mouth slightly when I learned that CNN hired Fran Townsend as a commentator.

Why? Because she's
a clueless hack with very little ability to see past party loyalty. She's a Yes Girl, a presidential suck-up, and one of the many dozens of poor choices that Bush has made in his two terms. I trust her about as much as I trusted Christie Todd Whitman to craft energy policy - or to analyze global-warming causes after her tenure ended.

Consider this C-Span clip, in which Townsend says if Osama had an actual street address we'd have already nabbed him:

There are countless other examples of her mealy-mouthed rendition of facts and fiction. Today, with
Scott McClennan's book out, she was given full reign on CNN this afternoon to respond to claims that the president knowingly misled the public with pre-war Iraq propoganda. It was twirl-factor 10 in the Pollock household.

Her sour grapes were disgusting to watch, even on a good day. With CNN's Brianna Keilar putting up softball questions to Townsend with soft-voiced ease, the interview turned out to be free White House rebuttal time.

Disgusting. I don't care if McClellan's book is a Peter Pan fairy tale spun from magic gold, let's take it to people who are trying to save their own bacon on international TV, and never give them a free pass like that again.
- WP