"Stoic" Heads Up WP.com for December

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Stoic” was a shot I took during a snowstorm in Charlottesville, Va. The rusted out parking sign struck me as a stark contrast to the paper-white snow that had just fallen. Hope you enjoy! Go directly to SmugMug to purchase.

'Torrent' Heads Up WP.com For August/September

An entry into the Gertrude Herbert Fine Art Competition, “Torrent” is the result of a visit to the pottery place in North Atlanta. “Kiln Candy” comes from the same shoot that day. Enjoy.

“Torrent” (Atlanta, GA)


"Kiln Candy" Heads Up WP.com For June 2011

“Kiln Candy” heads up willpollock.com this month - an image of a planter shot at a pot warehouse in metro Atlanta.

“Kiln Candy”

This piece has been submitted to the Gertrude Herbert Institute National Juried Fine Art Competition - along with four other contemporary photographs. Stay tuned, and please keep your fingers crossed.

Also new this month: the launch of
Stone Four Media on PhotoStockPlus.com. This page will retail my fine-art and stock photography for a broader audience. Check back frequently for updates!


ArtWalkFest: A Day-long Celebration Of Atlanta Arts

(ATLANTA - 11 May 2011) :: Atlanta has a long and illustrious history of artist enclaves, lively creative events and world-famous destinations. Visitors to Studioplex this Saturday (May 14th, 11-6 p.m.) will see all of those elements together in ArtWalkFest.

Studioplex, the historic former cotton mill in Atlanta’s Old 4th Ward district, first- and second-floor lofts and common-area spaces have been transformed to house artists, chefs, musicians, jewelers, glass blowers, photographers, painters and so much more. Here’s just a slice of what you’ll see:


  • Shondra Leigh’s “Stained” line of socially conscious jewelry. These stunning pieces have been crafted from balls of tar that washed up on the Gulf of Mexico after the BP oil spill. (Visit Loft #201)

  • ARTvision Atlanta, benefiting Positive Impact, will hold its final round of sales, featuring discounted pieces from Delia Cochran, Sean Mansfield, Kimber Herndon and much more. (Visit Loft #131)

  • Lorikay Photography will be snapping free Facebook profile pictures with a red, chalkboard background to give you the customized look you want! (Visit Loft #205)

This is just a small selection of what’s on tap for this Saturday, 14 May 2011, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more, please
visit our website, RSVP to our Facebook event invite and follow ArtWalkFest on Twitter. See you then!


'Madaket Sun' Heads Up WP.com for May 2011

In a nod to my history with Nantucket Island, “Madaket Sun” shows the ocean town at dusk - with the sun shining hot on Cape Cod homes, shot through some brush.

“Madaket Sun”

“Madaket Sun” was shot in 2005, so it’s a dip into my portfolio - and it’s a wish to return there someday soon. Enjoy.


'Cadence' Heads Up WP.com For April 2011

It’s proof that spring has sprung. It shows how beading water can be its own natural ballad. It’s grace after a wild storm.

“Cadence” (Zenyard II)

“Cadence” is the latest entry in my “Zenyard” series - showing natural images shot in my backyard here in Midtown Atlanta. Because beauty is very often just steps away - as long as we’re awake to see it. - WP


ARTvision's $11k+ year; Writing 'Project Idol'; From Ticket To Header

So proud of our magnificent artists - ARTvision earned Positive Impact more than $11,000 this year. We once again increased our donation for the year-over-year period!

I just took over the “Project Idol” column for ProjectQ Atlanta - look for lots of dish about some of the year’s best singers, and the lameness (so far) of the judging panel.

This month’s header, “Low Shelter,” comes from a scene outside Brevard, N.C., when I was on my way to contesting a speeding ticket that Jason and I got while looking for Owenby Farms. This image will be for sale on RedBubble for the same price as the ticket - $180.

Look for more updates about ARTvision Live and another round of sales. - WP

Heading Up WP.com: 'Deck Splash'

Deck Spash” heads up wp.com this month. It is a shot of two bright red kayaks with morning dew still on them.

This is one of many shots - some of which will make their way to
ARTvision - from my Chautauqua series.

Also, please enjoy the new, more streamlined design for wp.com. Bigger header capture, easier nav and many more cool things to come. Happy

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Sometimes Beauty Is 'Strewn' All Over Our Lives. We Just Have To Look For It

”Strewn” heads up wp.com for August... And it struck me as unusually bleak and yet beautiful all in one.

I was at a wedding in Maryland with Jason and this was the moment there were three photographers shooting the moments following the ceremony - moments that were truly special. The feet in the picture are of the photographer of record, standing and switching the settings of her camera.

The color of the yellow rose petals against the grain of the dock was truly a sight to see. hope you enjoy.

# # #

Initiation & Imagination: Watch For New Projects Coming Soon In 2010

(CHARLOTTESVILLE :: 8 February 2010) After boffo numbers for ARTvision-4 - to the tune of more than $7,000 - I am turning attention to new endeavors in the coming months.

• In March, watch for the launch of
WillofAtlanta.com - a viewer- and fan-derived site that profiles and collects some of the best sights, sounds, eats and attractions that Atlanta has to offer.
• I am co-curator of my 20th reunion’s
Alumni Art Exhibition at Skidmore College. We’re accepting submissions now so if you have one please let me know ASAP.
• A number of projects are coming down the pike for
The Sunday Paper, including a profile of Affairs to Remember and its green initiatives; and a story about race in the barber chair.
• Continuing development of “
EIQ: Everyman’s Guide to Developing Emotional Fortitude” - working on finding an agent, publicist, publisher and, ultimately, readers!
• Relaunch of the
Stone Four Media Web site and a new location for Stone Four Studios, both coming very soon.
• More
captures and posts here at wp.com. Now that ARTvision has concluded I have more time for posting.
• Updated wp.com pages:
reel, who? and tunes.

My great thanks to all ARTvision
buyers, volunteers and artists - all of which came together in celebration of the arts to support Positive Impact.

(New header capture: “Answered.” purchased by Wayne Sun; thumbnail: “Absurd Alphabet” by Sean Mansfield, both in honor of ARTvision-4.)


Check Out The Costa Rica Slide Show


'Fit To Print': Thanks To Mama Jean For Loaning Her Fingertips

Check out Mama Jean up top on wp.com! Taken on our boat in the South of France.

She’s reading The Times and enjoying the start of our day.


This is also a Pride 2009 preview picture, and depending on how things go, could be an ARTvision piece.


A Funny Thing (And Some Cardio) Happened On The Way To Lockdown

(4 September 2009 :: CHARLOTTESVILLE) - I learned a new term while traveling on a catered passenger barge for Rob’s birthday in France.

Aside from needing (and getting) regular exercise to work off the ultra-rich, amazingly tasty French cuisine, one must also pass through what’s called a “lock” when one travels down a canal or other body where the water level changes. I guess being a city boy I never had a need to know that.

This month’s header capture, “Emergence,” could only have come to pass because of these canal locks. The guy in the picture was working his boat with this two other buddies, rising up as the lock sloshed and churned full with murky water. He had his hands resting on the side of the lock and was waiting for the boat to reach the required level to move on.

I grabbed my camera and shot their entry into the lock, which turned out to be a very interesting group of pictures to say the least. Then... I went for a run.

# # #

Coming Soon: 'Emergence'

As we slink away from summer, I thought a nice way to say good-bye would be next month’s header capture, “emergence,” a photo I snapped while in France.

Watch for it, along with a brief story, on Wednesday.

More stuff added then, too, including details on new SFM projects and ARTvision previews.

Stay tuned.


Europe Travel Blog Coming Soon

You know how I love to come up with snazzy titles:

“Wheels of Fortune & Adventure: A New Bimmer Beginning”

For more, go directly to the Euro Blog.

Many thanks to Heinz, Daniel (pictured here) and so many other BMW officials who welcomed me with open arms.


Of Respite & Calm: My Stopping Point On The AV200

Like I’ve said in my conversations with other riders, “Don’t send a photographer to do a cyclist’s job.”

Hence the lots of stopping to capture scenes while doing 70 miles over a two-day stretch. “Great Oaks,” the header capture for wp.com this month, was an outgrowth of that ride - and is a symbol of country kindness you don’t find anywhere else.

On my return leg, I stopped at this familiar location and a gal came out to as me if I was OK. “I’m fine, just taking a breather,” I said. Sounded like their family was getting ready to sit down to Sunday brunch.

Everyone should be required to spend a day on a bike touring the countryside. You get an immediate appreciation for your surroundings, and every once in a while, you are surprised by kindness.

Click here to see my entire 2009 header-capture gallery. Take a look here at all the photos from my AV200 ride.

# # #

Major Redesign Coming May 1st

WP.com is going to look a lot different come May 1st... Watch for:

• New site design, navigation and cleaner font styles
• More streamlined connections to comments and trackback
• New photo albums
• Much, much more!

Stay tuned, and most of all, stay in touch and tell me how you like the new design!

A Welcome Snowstorm In A Most Unlikely Place


An Imperfect Union And Wild Freedom In The Nation's Capitol

(ATLANTA/D.C. :: 9 February 2009) While pressed against my fellow Americans waiting for entry to the gates into inauguration, I kept thinking of the Dickens classic quote: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness...”

That thread from “A Tale of Two Cities” felt pretty spot-on during the few days Brandon and I were there for the Presidential changeover. It was the “best of times” the night before the actual event, where we sat in DuPont Circle witnessing Kate Clinton conduct a “saging” of the White House - where she hired a shaman to do her ritual to cleanse the nation’s First Building from the muck that was in there for the past eight years. The place was overrun with metaphysical hippies burning bunches of sage, with the pungent waft of sooty smoke filling the air.

It was the best of times when we celebrated with Ted and Rolando later that evening, with lots of faces, new and old, came together to cook, eat, drink and socialize and celebrate the occasion. The mink coat got passed around one too many times I think, but hey - it’s not a party without mink passing.

The actual day of inauguration got off to a great start, where we woke up early and started our trek down to the Mall. I snapped “Tuesday Best,” my favorite picture of the entire few days while I was walking behind a girl in a pink outfit, dressed to the nines and ready to see the event, holding her parents’ hands and looking back at us with ultimate curiosity. She was pretty in pink to say the least.

But that nice moment led us to the security gates outside the mall, and it became apparent quickly that we were going to get stopped in our tracks. We ended up in the midst of a security checkpoint hell that had been so badly choked with thousands of people that the conditions were inhuman. We got so squeezed next to fellow inauguration-goers that there was literally no space between us. “Any more people in here, we’ll need a lubricant,” as Rob Reiner said in Postcards from the Edge. Conditions at this check point were outrageous (one woman fainted and was taken away in a folding table masquerading as a stretcher) and the security detail behaved like they had never put the event on before.

As my
Tweet from the scene explained: “inhuman, insane conditions at inauguration admittance. people mashing, fainting... gates look like Nazi Germany.” I don’t even remember how I got my arms free enough to make that Tweet in the first place.

Ted, Brandon and I got through security in about five hours - traveling literally about a half-block - only to get trapped in parade hell... not allowed to leave the perimeter of Pennsylvania Ave. As we initially crossed over, though, I shot a picture of the Capitol building through a coterie of fuzz, all of whom were looking extremely important but not doing much. All tolled, security for the parade was extreme overkill, with officers standing around trading recipes as the choked-off checkpoints reeled in desperate need of additional manpower.

Once we got through that frustrating few hours, the day made a turn for the better. The evening of inauguration we attended “Out for Equality,” the HRC event in D.C. that featured Melissa Etheridge, Rufus Rainwright, Cyndi Lauper and many more. Brandon and I parked ourselves up in the balcony, even elbowing a few huffy lesbians, in order to get some choice shots and video (to follow shortly) of the great event. Cyndi Lauper, although fighting with audio issues most of her set, was exceptional and showed the most personality. The bejeweled Rufus was good, as was Melissa - although I’m still grumbling that she didn’t perform “I Need To Wake Up,” the theme from “An Inconvenient Truth.” She missed an opportunity to frame the event with that important message, and also apparently missed the make-up desk, oy... looking uber au natural.

Bottom line? The few days in D.C. were an imperfect experience for an imperfect nation. And I’d certainly tolerate a bit of “the worst of times” in order to be part of the beginning of the best. Which is really what inauguration was about, anyway - ushering out shitty years in favor of a new hope, a new beginning and a fresh perspective. That feeling was palpable in the air, and amongst the people squeezed in next to me.

All that, and no lube. Happy

# # #

Change Afoot: WP.com Gets A Much-needed Update

After turning my attention to ARTvision 2008, I’m now ready to turn back to WP.com.

Here are some new features that will expand over the next months:

- Each month I’ll find a new quote to add to the sidebar. This month, a gem about whining from Lily Tomlin.

- A new tab, “REEL” will showcase related streaming video I’ve loaded to YouTube and other sites. Everything from “
Groundbreakers” to old-school stuff like the Skidmore lip sync will be at this tab.

- New Vault articles, including one from Art & Antiques and Sea Ray Living magazines.

- This month’s header capture is “Zenyard II,” the second in an ongoing series of photos from the outdoor environs of 844. The Japanese maple was turning last fall into its vibrant red and I shot it before the leaves fell. I decided to make “Zenyard” a series because we could all stand a little “moment of zen” (phrase borrowed from The Daily Show) in everyday life, right?

Make sure to check back often for
ARTvision updates, new book info, N&N pictures and much more.


You Raised $3,590 For Obama... Triscuit For Vice President!

Thanks ("...but no theeeanks!") and gratitude for all attendees of "Turning the Page: Atlantans Rally for Obama." Take a look at the pictures below... I loved seeing new and familiar (not old!) faces.

Thanks to Michael Baker of Positive Impact and Edmund Thornton of Georgia Pride for helping make this event so memorable.

Here's a look at the pictures:

And for those of you who missed Triscuit's Sarah Palin hissy fit, here you go:


'Equilibrium' Is A Wish For The Election, Among Other Things

Seeking calm.

That seems to be what we're up to the past few days - both in the election and with the credit markets.

So I submit "Equilibrium" for your consideration... to help your soul know that hope is on the horizon. I submitted it to JPGmag.com in the "faith" category because we're always closer to our spiritual side in nature. Click the link to learn more.

Also, heading up wp.com for October is "Awash" - another in my Costa Rican Orchid Garden series.

This image is one of a few captures that will be featured in ARTvision 2008. More on that very soon.

Other new features this month:

- Updated
Jump pages
- New navigation, including a new tab to my
Twitter profile, the newest (and most addictive) social networking site
- Revised
bio, including new projects
- New captures loaded to my
MobileMe gallery, including the 40/70 celebration
- New vault articles

Coming soon: my first piece in
Atlanta Intown on Radial Cafe and GreenPlate.


From The Vault: Vote For 'Southern Culture' At JPGmag.com

Vote now

Road Trip!

I had an expert co-pilot up to Virginia.


Happy Birthday Lee! And Thanks To Leslie & All For Planning


Captures Page Updated!

I've added new navigational tabs to off-site galleries, a new Slide collection and a few other goodies.

Take a peek at the page
here, and enjoy.


In The Category Of Revoltingly Cute Canines, The Nominees Are...


Here's My 'Postsecret': Byron Has Definitely Fallen Hard

I was doing my green duty riding Marta to the airport the other day and stumbled across this note... it was initially hidden from my view, but when a passenger got up I spotted it.

There was a nice gal seated to the left of the note, across from me, who thought I was nuts taking this picture -- but I wanted to capture it. All the Marta riders around me cocked their heads to figure out what I was doing.

In the spirit of "Postsecret," a collection of secrets from anonymous sources (thanks to Wayne and Ed for showing it to me), I've helped give Byron one last chance to reach the girl of his dreams.

This made riding Marta that day totally worth it.

I also gave the gal who tolerated me shooting this picture my info, so I hope she gets back. If so, give me a shout! Thanks to her for putting up with me.

So... Here is an example of honest and spontaneous affection that seems to have not found its recipient... So I'm putting this out there to keep his hopes alive.

# # #

Update: I did hear from my gal pal on Marta! Thanks to Marina for dropping me a line. See the comments section for more.

Awaken To Gremlins: New Adds To The Japanese Rock Garden

Anyone ready to confess?

These mystery figurines give new meaning to the phrase, "be fruitful and multiply."

I'm surprised I didn't hear the giggles or the beer bottles clanking. My favorite is the couple humping, reminding me of all the sex I ain't having.



Thanks To The Boys For A Great Weekend In The Mountains

And of course, no tubing trip would be complete without
a video compilation.


'Animate Wisdom' Heads Up WP.com For July

Ever look at an elephant and wonder what the hell they're thinking?

They probably wonder the same about us. They have a "knowing" quality about them that defies explanation.

So... "Animate Wisdom" heads up wp.com for this month, with ongoing thanks to
Monkey Man on MySpace for making the shot (and the entire shoot) happen.

I went back and checked out the shoot from that day and remembered what unbelievable grace the animals have:

Enjoy... and make sure to
vote on JPG.com!

Stellar Cellar: The AJC Runs Great Piece On The Myrtle Basement

Adaptive re-users... unite! The coverage of the house renovation continues... Sick of it yet?

Thanks to Frank at WicksteadWorks for making this happen, and for being my adaptive re-use partner in crime.

Here's a link to the photo gallery, and then also, a jump to the full story by Helen Caulley.

Operational coal returns, recycled antique doors, a Japanese Zen garden. Who woulda thought?? All I can say is that I had a lot of help and that there is everything to be said for collaboration.


Of course, this post would be incomplete without
a photo show of my own. ARTvision 2008 has an official new home for artwork display!

Thanks To Gene For Hosting In North Georgia

Some shots of my trip up north for a night...


'Teal Treasure' Heads Up WP.com for June (Tirol, Costa Rica)

This capture was shot at a retreat in Costa Rica... the door struck me because of how perfectly weathered the paint was... almost like it was intentionally distressed.

And since I'm obsessed with texture in photos - like tree bark, rusted metal, etc. - this capture really got to me.

Make sure to click through the link and vote! (Image flipped for the header banner, fyi.)


Evidently, Triscuit Now Owns Part Of The Upper Deck, Too


A Trip To Fort Lauderdale Produces 'Tailgate'

Make sure to check out this little guy at JPG.com... and
vote for him in the category.

Charley found him hanging out one morning during our visit, and I got down on my hands and knees to get the shot.

...and that was after Charley got wigged out by some lizard that jumped out at him in the bushes. Happy


'Triscuit Knows': When Canine Wisdom Supercedes Age

Triscuit, Charley's three-year-old rat terrier, gets her day in the sun. Literally.

This photo is entitled "Triscuit Knows" because she always has such a mature, knowing look to her.

She's always calm, cool and collected... unless Animal Planet is running, and then
all hell breaks loose.

Enjoy... And make sure to
check it out at JPG.com!


'Zenyard' Heads Up WP.com For May

This capture was shot last year at the top pond in the back yard.

Some calm before the summer months. Also, look for some zen-related silent movies to follow later on.

New Tagline, New Captures... New Vibe

From here on out, "always tell stories" will be the tagline that accompanies willpollock.com.

The phrase basically embodies everything I do, on a personal and professional level. so I guess it just made sense.

You'll also find this month's header capture, "
chaingang," which features an image from a junkyard in West Midtown. The well-known destination has this bright-orange rail car just sitting there with a bunch of other castaway items. Georgia Tech photography students are frequently seen shooting that place.

Shown in this post: "Lust in Luster," an image from Pike's Market in Seattle.


Snazzy New Flash Photo-sharing Tool!

I'll be using this from time to time to show off new stuff...


Thanks To Reeno & Wags For An Awesome Time In Aspen

This one was taken at Matsuhickamamma for Charley's birthday dinner.

I guess this place is replacing Kenichi -- and with good reason, although I still miss dynamite skrimps.


can't have everything.


NYE 2007-2008 Pictures Are Finally Loaded

Our Sixth Annual NYE Gourmet Pizza Extravaganza was a huge hit... Even the "Frank," pictured left, was devoured in no time flat.

Thanks to Rocky and Larry Goldstein for creating "
The Frank." We're gonna do more custom pies next year for sure.

Click through to my Dot Mac page for the full scoop. I'll keep a link in the sidebar for the pics, too.


"Petticoat No. 10" Tears A Page From Old-school Telephone Poles

Did you know that these glass caps are collectors' items?

They were used as insulators in old-time telephone poles. If anyone has any additional info on them,
let me know.

You like? Go to
JPGmag.com and vote now!


"Winslow Morning" Shoots To Capture Fishing As Zen

Mike, Nettie and Dean Pollock (and me) approached this scene at Snoqualmie Falls outside of Seattle.

As luck would have it, the fisherman was cold when we arrived, but soon after caught a few.

Go to the Seattle travel blog, or click through to vote at JPG Magazine!


New Captures Loaded, With More To Follow

Take a look at some new event pictures:

- The
Velcro Show at Composition Gallery, and
- The
Therapeutic Art Show at Parkside Office Suites

More to follow later today, with an advance
ARTvision buying opportunity!

Thanks To Everyone Who Attended 'Therapeutic Art Show"

Take a look at the event pictures!

Gunn, Pelosi & Ugly Betty Players Lead A Star Parade In D.C.

(Washington, D.C. ~ 14 October 2007) - The tuxedos and ball gowns came out in full force for HRC's National Dinner, led admirably by Ted Toon and Sarah Booth. What an awesome time!

We had the absolute pleasure of sitting with many of Ted's family members, Rolando, as well as other pals Clarke, Sam, Val and Rebecca. The food was tasty, when we weren't glued to the stage -- and since this photog was six feet from keynote speaker
Nancy Pelosi and one table from Tim Gunn, I didn't spend very much time eating!

Ken and Dale and Laurice and Rebecca were all within spittin' distance from us, too. So much fun to be amongst so many familiar faces.

The best way to describe the night is as a "peak experience" - where people came together to hear how hard Pelosi has worked from the beginning on representing her San Francisco constituents in fighting the spread of HIV and AIDS, as well as many other issues. Even some surprise war protesters could not dull the evening.

Once I saw how close I was to Tim Gunn, I was immediately on a mission to meet him and have a good story to tell Penny -- who is a stalker-level fan of Guide to Style. I treated Pen to a tribute page with a collection of pix from my meeting with Mr. Gunn, who gave me some props for my "cream" colored tuxedo. Thanks to Sam for his great shots of that moment, and to everyone for alerting me to the many other photo opps we had throughout the evening.

Thanks also to Ted and Rolando for being such spectacular hosts; to Ted's whole family for being so awesome; and to Rolando and Rebecca for asking me to design the program ad. How in the hell did we keep that a secret??

For more, visit the Kodak Gallery event pictures, as well as the page I loaded on candids. Movie clips to follow...

Enjoy! Happy


New Travel Logs & Captures To Follow Shortly

I've got Tim Gunn, Nancy Pelosi... and a full complement of Pollocks coming very soon. Movies, captures and all sorts of other goodies.

Check back here later, or check my
YouTube channel.

Thanks to Ted and Rolando for hosting me once again.

Captures From Weekend ALTA Tennis


New Header Capture & Link To My Kodak Gallery

For print ordering, go directly to my Kodak Gallery. Many more photobooks to follow.

Enjoy... more to follow.


More Seattle Photos To Follow... Promise!


Captures Page Updated

Captures page updated with new direct links and a few updates.

More to follow!


Great Thanks To All The Pollocks For An Awesome Week In Seattle

The full Seattle travel blog is coming soon. In the meantime, take a peek at a few of these... And make sure to drop me a line and let me know what you think!


The Palace Takes Shape: Crusty & Eddie's New Digs

A palace in progress... Candler Park Boulevard Heights has some great pockets of coolness.

Thanks SO MUCH to Crusty for correcting me (eyeroll).



In Good Company: On-site Photos From Composition Gallery

Thanks to Ron at
Composition Gallery for putting on a great show. As you can see from these pictures, I was in great company -- I even bought two prints for myself.

New show opens there on rock-star pictures tonight... I saw a preview yesterday and it's super cool! Following rock stars around and snapping pictures of them? I want that job!


Who Says I Ain't Patriotic?

Taken during our July 4th extravaganza of a vacation in San Diego... Mission Beach rules! Ken and I went "spouse shopping" during a day out for lunch.

Important inside jokes:

Give it up for Feathers!
3) Spouse shopping
4) Frat-boy WiffleGOLF (it's the new volleyball)
5) Impromptu beach breakdancing
6) Deep, existential beach conversations over (what else?) COCKTAILS
7) Would it be "grawesome" to "
8) "
Would the owner of a white station wagon please go f%$#$% yourself?"

Anyway, enjoy the pic. O say can you see... I'll load a collection of SD pics soon. Promise.


New Captures Page Added...

...finally. Not totally complete yet, but close. More to follow soon. ---> jump

Velcro Show: Support Local Artists And Visit Composition Gallery

I'm showing a couple of pieces at the upcoming Velcro Show at Composition Gallery... Including one seen below entitled "Dusk for Doolin," which I shot during my recent trip to Ireland. The show will go on for most of July, so make sure to check it out.

Reception and show kick-off: Saturday, July 7, 2007 (7 p.m. to 10 p.m.)
Show concludes: Friday, July 20, 2007

Composition Gallery is located in Candler Park and features affordable photographic works from local and regional artists. If you can't make the reception, please be sure to stop by the gallery and take a look.

Contact the gallery
here, and access the map for directions. Or... plot it on Mapquest!


New Captures Page Coming Soon!

stay tuned...


Props To Everyone For The Taste Magazine Shoot

Thanks to Chef Dean, Andy, Michael, the staff at South City, McCall, Jim and John, and all of my awesome friends and neighbors for a great afternoon last week. The "New South Cuisine" article for Taste Magazine is slated for the Summer 2007 issue! Jump to the sample pictures


"Daylight Beckons" ~ New Header Capture


A Grand Brunch At Barboursville Vineyard

The day before Easter a bunch of us went up to Barboursville Winery, where we witnessed firsthand how well the Virginia wine scene has come up in the world. Four-course meal, four wine pairings. Everything was awesome...

For more, jump to the captures.

North Georgia!

Will & Mike hang out in North Georgia... with Donkey Jote. ---> jump


The Frullas Invade Atlanta

Penny, Jake & Frank take Atlanta by storm. ---> jump

Click here to jump to Jake & Frank's You(s)Tube videos.


A Very Kynni Xmas

Click to the Captures tab for more... Happy