Change Afoot: Gets A Much-needed Update

After turning my attention to ARTvision 2008, I’m now ready to turn back to

Here are some new features that will expand over the next months:

- Each month I’ll find a new quote to add to the sidebar. This month, a gem about whining from Lily Tomlin.

- A new tab, “REEL” will showcase related streaming video I’ve loaded to YouTube and other sites. Everything from “
Groundbreakers” to old-school stuff like the Skidmore lip sync will be at this tab.

- New Vault articles, including one from Art & Antiques and Sea Ray Living magazines.

- This month’s header capture is “Zenyard II,” the second in an ongoing series of photos from the outdoor environs of 844. The Japanese maple was turning last fall into its vibrant red and I shot it before the leaves fell. I decided to make “Zenyard” a series because we could all stand a little “moment of zen” (phrase borrowed from The Daily Show) in everyday life, right?

Make sure to check back often for
ARTvision updates, new book info, N&N pictures and much more.


Caution: Slapable When Cute

Sometimes I just can't take it... If you understand what Violent Affection Syndrome is, and see the following pictures, you'll know why I want to strangle Zach (at left) and Henry.

Of course, said strangling is only in the metaphorical sense. But still. they are so cute it's just outrageous, lame and makes me cray-zee. Here's what I mean:

This is the perfect break from our icky political season. Cheers... More N&N VAS coming soon.

Thanks To Katrina & Abigail, Who Are Both Apples Of My Eye

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In Honor Of Boxing Day, A Slap In The Right Direction

Ah yes, it's time for our periodic review of all things aggravating... When that urge rises up in us to squeeze our young ones, our animals, our partners - even a stranger on the street - past the point of (almost) no physical return.

Ah yes, it is
Violent Affection Syndrome (VAS) at work. See below, and remember, VAS has produced at least one very important (and popular) spinoff in The Daily Slap.

Enjoy, and remember to be good to each other. Happy


The Peanut Butter & Jelly Song Kicks Off In Lombard

Being an uncle from a distance is awful. Jacob is so cute here I just want to jump through the computer screen and shake him! Ugh.


You *Will* 'Remember This' Video From Jeff Scher

This video reminded me how important capturing your youngins' early activites is... Follow this link to view the video on the NY Times Web site.

If I'm ever lucky enough to have a kid someday, this is the model I'll follow --
through photography, of course. Like, duh!

Zach 2.0: Another Zachary Comes To Life Across The Country

Congrats go out to Wayne, Eddie and their entire families for their new, beautiful addition: Zachary Sun-Weiming St. Michael. Lots and lots of new captures and videos and memories (and diaper changings) to follow.

Clearly, I need to do another M.A.N.S. entry. I'll get to that ASAP. Meantime, I've reconfigured to include a new category -- N&Ns. Nieces and Nephews are springing up all over the place, and I can't keep up with it all! As a photographer, these are good problems to have.


Hey Zach, How 'Bout Some Extra Ham With That Mug?

Zach yuks it up at Zesto's after Eddie's concert at St. Mark. The ice cream, and the circle snaps, were flying. For those of you playing at home, Zach is Marc and Kelly's son!


It's 4:30. Have You Slapped Your Child Today?

Violent Affection Syndrome (aka VAS) knows no boundaries... Just today I have been hit with a flurry of reasons why aggravation can be an outgrowth of love.

Don't believe me?

Let this be a reminder to those of you reading this who have additional slap-worthy pictures that are not in my possession.
Send away, and I'll post them to the lot. The more the merrier.

And of course, thanks to all my nieces and nephews for making my life a LOT more exciting... and annoying!

Jake Knows The Camera Better Than His Momma. The end.


Costa Rica!

The Costa Rica travel blog is now live!


Mr. Jake Goes To The Ga. Aquarium