January 2014 Header: "Empire of the Sun"

Shot in Costa Rica last summer - “Empire of the Sun” shows the end of the day in Tamarindo.

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Europe Travel Blog Coming Soon

You know how I love to come up with snazzy titles:

“Wheels of Fortune & Adventure: A New Bimmer Beginning”

For more, go directly to the Euro Blog.

Many thanks to Heinz, Daniel (pictured here) and so many other BMW officials who welcomed me with open arms.


Of Respite & Calm: My Stopping Point On The AV200

Like I’ve said in my conversations with other riders, “Don’t send a photographer to do a cyclist’s job.”

Hence the lots of stopping to capture scenes while doing 70 miles over a two-day stretch. “Great Oaks,” the header capture for wp.com this month, was an outgrowth of that ride - and is a symbol of country kindness you don’t find anywhere else.

On my return leg, I stopped at this familiar location and a gal came out to as me if I was OK. “I’m fine, just taking a breather,” I said. Sounded like their family was getting ready to sit down to Sunday brunch.

Everyone should be required to spend a day on a bike touring the countryside. You get an immediate appreciation for your surroundings, and every once in a while, you are surprised by kindness.

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Major Redesign Coming May 1st

WP.com is going to look a lot different come May 1st... Watch for:

• New site design, navigation and cleaner font styles
• More streamlined connections to comments and trackback
• New photo albums
• Much, much more!

Stay tuned, and most of all, stay in touch and tell me how you like the new design!

A Trip To Fort Lauderdale Produces 'Tailgate'

Make sure to check out this little guy at JPG.com... and
vote for him in the category.

Charley found him hanging out one morning during our visit, and I got down on my hands and knees to get the shot.

...and that was after Charley got wigged out by some lizard that jumped out at him in the bushes. Happy