Great thanks to all who participated in ARTvision 2006 -- our artists, beneficiary (IGLHRC) and volunteers. Our total raised exceeded our $1,000 goal. Total: $1,420!!

Thanks again to everyone, and make sure to stay tuned for
ARTvision 2007, coming soon.

* * *

Welcome to ARTvision 2006!
You've landed on the Web home of The Fifth Annual New Year's Eve Gourmet Pizza Extravaganza... as well as ARTvision 2006 -- an online art and photography benefit. ARTvision's primary beneficiary is the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, an organization working for gay, lesbian and gender rights, both overseas and in the states. learn more

Participating in ARTvision takes many forms -- click here to learn more.

>> NEWLY ADDED! New pics have been added from this year's event... -- click to the archive tab for more. We've raised more than $1,100... Only a few days remain in sales and donations for ARTvision!

NOW REDUCED! ARTvision artist Jenny Krasner has agreed to reduce her beautiful "Great Wall of China" print to $225. Brenda Knosher has also reduced her butterfly-themed, mixed-media framed piece entitled "Birth" to $295.

Remember, 100% of proceeds of these pieces go directly to the IGLHRC -- with free shipping to all outside-Atlanta buyers through a standing donation. Not in the market for a piece of art or a photograph? Consider giving directly to the IGLHRC or another organization of your choice.

*** SOLD! ***

Through ARTvision we've raised approximately $1,500... Congratulations to our artists who have made new fans across the country:

by Brenda Knosher
Buyer: undisclosed
Type: Framed, mixed-media acrylic

by Brenda McMillen
Buyer: John Nickolas
Dallas, TX
Type: Framed, mixed-media acrylic

"Miles Away"
by Will Pollock
Buyer: Craig Eister
Atlanta, GA
Type: Custom-framed photograph

"All Work..."
by Will Pollock
Buyer: Michele Segre
Philadelphia, PA
Type: unframed print & signed mat

Congratulations to Craig, John and Michele for their purchases! See some of their comments by clicking to the Guestbook.

This site offers the chance to purchase some great art and photography benefiting IGLHRC, but it also serves as an advocate for recognizing a cause you believe in before the close of 2006. Many of us have generous intentions throughout each year, and this is a great chance to actualize them through a gift.

Get to know the ARTvision artists and browse their pieces for purchase now! As we ring in the New Year, get in those last-minute tax deductions and offer support to a group who wouldn't have had it otherwise. Click here for more information on how tax deductions work on the ARTvision site.

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