ARTvision Artist: Brenda Knosher

(ATLANTA, Dec. 9.) — Born and raised in the Chicago suburb of Naperville, Ill., Brenda Knosher says her artmaker persona often manifests herself in meditation – becoming actualized when creating in her studio. This is evidenced by her work entitled “Birth” that is available for purchase on the ARTvision Web site.

Early on, Brenda was inspired by visions and dreams in her childhood about flying and a deepening love of animals. “Today, much of my artistic endeavors involve butterfly images – mostly in flight, but also in metamorphosis. ‘Birth’ is meant to evoke images of a mystical vessel, which is source-like, fertile and abundant in its ability to create and manifest this flock of beauties that are venturing out into the world. That they’ll be beautiful, and inspire and pollinate to create more beauty.”

Brenda’s artistic process is true mixed media, with copies of foreign, out-of-print stamps and other natural leafy materials that come together to form a unified message. “Birth” embodies this philosophy with a soaring, freeing statement about nature and its treasured elements operating in joyous harmony.

“One of my favorite parts of the artmaking process is when I have received the idea, then I prepare the foundation background by applying several layers of acrylic paint,” she says. “’Birth’ has approximately 17 layers to give depth. Following foundation building, my process is about choosing and placing the natural and paper pieces, adding paint details and finally many coats of varnish. Cutting out the tiny stamp images with a fine pair of English embroidery scissors is a meditative exercise in and of itself.”

Brenda studied art history extensively in school, and works as a psychotherapist in Atlanta. She resides here with Julie, her life partner of 22 years. Brenda is thrilled to have her studio back up and running after a recent relocation; returning to artmaking helps breathe added energy into her vocational pursuits.

“Creating these pieces is so much like helping someone in therapy… helping him or her lay a new backdrop upon which to enhance or build a new life. My artmaking always informs my therapist self and the privilege of being witness to my clients’ process. It all inspires my passion for creating.” – WP

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