ARTvision 2006: More about the process

For the last two weeks this month (Dec. 12-31), ARTvision presents a select few pieces of art and photography for your consideration... as a tax-incentive for artists to show their work in a unique environment and get them seen by folks who might not have known them otherwise. While ARTvision buyers' purchases are not themselves tax-deductible, ARTvision artists have agreed to donate 100% of their proceeds to the IGLHRC.

If you're looking for a last-minute tax deduction and want to give to a worthy organization, we encourage you to give directly to the IGLHRC via their secure Web site. (Please mention ARTvision when making a donation.) And since the holidays reflect the season of giving, we've set up a page of charities that could always use your help. No matter if you're in Atlanta or around the country, if you've given as a result of visiting the ARTvision Web site, please take a moment and let us know so we can add it to our guestbook.

Q: How are ARTvision purchases executed?
A: Buyers fill out an "Agreement to Purchase" form on this site and it is forwarded to the artist. The artist then sends you a PayPal invoice that you in turn pay. The artist then turns around and makes the equivalent donation to the IGLHRC.

Q: How long is the sale active?
A: ARTvision sales will be open until December 31, or until the supply of artwork has already been spoken for. Check back frequently for sales updates and comments to the guestbook, as well as updates on the latest pizzas and drinks you'll see on New Year's Eve.

Q: If I buy one of the art or photography pieces, how do I receive it?
A: Shipping for ARTvision producs is free to buyers through a donation, and will arrive in the month of January via FedEx Ground.

Q: Can I interact with or ask questions of the ARTvision artists?
A: Yes, absolutely. There are e-mail contact links on each artist page, so feel free to ask away. For general questions about ARTvision, send Will an e-mail.

Q: Why is ARTvision connected to the Annual NYE Gourmet Pizza Extravaganza?
A: This site is a way to chronicle our annual event and remember the fun times we've had over New Year's Eve -- as well as try and gather support for organizations we believe to be making a difference, both in the United States and abroad. If you know of one we should list, please let us know.

Q: Do I need to make some sort of donation in order to make a comment on this Web site?
A: Absolutely not. Go to the comment page and let us know what you think!