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my follow & unfollow practice

Deciphering the reasons why someone follows or unfollows you is a complex science - people have tried and failed. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the first extremely odd, high-profile person to follow me (sadly, he unfollowed on 10 August 2013). Scott Grimes followed me also out of the blue a few years ago, still does, and I’m a huge fan. He deserved an Emmy nomination for his work on "ER," but whatever. Water, bridge. (I still hold on to the dream of working with him on “American Dad” or anything else someday - putting it out there.) And I’ve been lucky to engage with lots of great people and personalities since I started tweeting during the 2008 presidential election.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Let me be clear: interactions matter. If you want me to follow you, engage - don’t be shy. Twitter is not a nameless, faceless, anonymous place - I use it as a means to knowing people personally. If you’re thinking of unfollowing me, I’d love to know why. I use an unfollow engine to keep track of that stuff, but I promise I’m not stalking you. If I want you back, you’ll hear about it.

There are instances when I’ve noticed folks have unfollowed me, I’ve asked for a refollow, and got it. In the same way, I had someone follow me who accused me of spamming (a very talented artist whom I still admire) and I promptly unfollowed him. I’m a writer, curator, author and lots of other things and, even though I will tell you about the projects I’m working on - but I do not spam and never will.

My philosophy is simple: work to make the world a better place, as I’m committed to doing, and I’ll likely want to know you better.

Unfollowed but still loved

Davey Wavey. A YouTube sensation, Davey has been a beautiful voice to destigmatize body issues that LGBT people struggle with. He had followed me for a good long time and decided to unfollow. Love his videos and will always be a fan.

Peter Hollens. Peter is an incredible a cappella singer and artist who followed me kind of out of the blue. I connected with the creativity and energy of his performances and I was instantly a fan. One day, he elected to unfollow, and I asked for a refollow-back. He did, then unfollowed again. To this day I’m not sure why.

I’m sure I’ll add to the above list along the way. Meantime, you should follow them because they’re awesome.

Most of all, make your choices wisely because your feed will be the better for it.

Here are some highlights from past Twitter bios:

In the past year or so, I’ve been changing my Twitter bio to show that I #amwriting. Since I released my first book, I wanted a better and more thorough explanation of who I am for new peeps. I still have a short space leftover for creative thought.

Some highlights from past months:

• “Bubble... but in Edina’s dream” (May 2014)
• “True democracy isn’t “spread” - it’s inspired by example (April 2014)
• “Often dressed like a hobo but actually quite well-heeled” (March 2014)
• “Be original, be audacious... be grateful.” (February 2014)
• “Why does @UniteBlue creep me out? For starters: #UniteEverybody” (January 2014)

2013 Archives
• “A mild-mannered freelance journalist, and in my spare time
@ggreenwald bothers me.” (Appropriating a classic quote from Garry Shandling, obviously.) (December 2013)
• “Creating is a sustained period of bliss.” - Alice Walker (November 2013)
• “How many of your gay friends land 3 letters in @sinow and catch 2 foul balls on the fly @Yankees Stadium? hint: at least one.” (October 2013)
• “Manifest
Empathy.” (September 2013)
• “
Freelance writer / pizza pusher / insists on hugs” (August 2013)
• “Accept the esteemed mantle of writer with grace – always know that one word can change the world.” #amwriting #peace (July 2013)
• “Any attempt to thwart
innovative ideas is the first sign of a delusional mind.” (previously: “No More Tears shampoo is like limited government: both are lies aimed at children.” - June 2013) why did I switch?
• “Dare something
worthy. Slap someone silly.” (May 2013)
• "Be bold, be forgiving… be fearless.” (April 2013)
• "Timid writers rarely make history” (March 2013)
• "I see smart people” (Feb. 2013)
• "Just the facts, man” (Jan. 2013)

Thanks for reading.

PS: Give me a Tweet-quote about your reaction to this page, about something we chatted about or anything at all and I’ll publish it here!

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Drop me a note anytime - I’m committed to converting the Twitter experience to an in-person coffee hangout. Peace.

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