ok, so here's the thing:

I miss our days in San Diego so much... I had an absolute blast -- I still hear the
Planet Unicorn theme song.

In case you didn't see the inside-joke list on my blog (PS: you should be reading, hello), here it is again:

UPDATED on August 3! Gibson gave us a new and exclusive look into the lives of Jack and Ken (aka Feathers and Ocean). See below:

Give it up for Feathers!
3) Spouse shopping
4) Frat-boy WiffleGOLF (it's the new wiffleball)
5) Impromptu beach breakdancing
6) Deep,
existential beach conversations over (what else?) COCKTAILS
7) Would it be "grawesome" to "
8) "
Would the owner of a white station wagon please go f%$#$% yourself?"
9) "Crackstress" and anything with "stress" on the end of it
10) F DA PO PO!!
11) Deep House Dish: "
Oooh weee T'Shane... you just done created a crawl space underneath your previous all-time low -- bo'kay?

Can you think of any others?

I was a
constantly-rejected paparazzo who "stayed the course" and have hopefully provided you guys with some rock-solid memories.

Lots of new captures, as well as a few
new videos. Check them out and let me know what you think. I've got more in the hopper that I'll load later.

When is our next trip and where are we going???

Cheers ~ Cadillac