Xenophobia... Of An Average Upstanding Citizen? Seriously?

Note to Manchurian Candidate voters: your numbers are waning and the message is hollow.

As I've always said, never mistake fairness for liberalism. In the same way, don't interpret
hatred and fear of the unknown as standing up to a "terrorist" threat.

Thanks to Gini for passing this along. John McCain and Sarah Palin should be ashamed, but definitely not surprised, by the reverberations of their more recent lines of attack. A "greatest hits" of hate:

I have a question for the "balance of power" voters who are resisting a fully Democratic congress and executive branch -- is THIS the balance you want in the White House? Seriously? Does this campaign demonstrate the capacity we need for that balance?

Make a protest against this nefarious, deviant campaign and vote Obama. Send McCain back to Arizona and Palin and her First Dude back to Alaska.

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