Do We Need Science To Compel Us To Take Care Of Planet Earth?

Bollocks. It's all hooey.

CNN's Rob Marciano
ignited quite a shitstorm a few days ago when he unexpectedly slammed the global view in Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. Marciano questioned whether or not the strength of recent hurricanes like Katrina could be attributed to global climate change.

CNN apparently got a lot of mail about his comments, and
the next day he retreated into neutral territory by examining both sides of the climate crisis argument.

Actually, there's quite a strong anti-climate-change movement out there -
in the blogs and elsewhere.

And my thought for this
Green Machine post is simple. We as Americans can only be responsible for ourselves and live by example... And yet we're notorious for living in excess, lacking in the ability to self-police or self examine.

Seriously: this is actually a call for cultural change, underscored strongly by natural signs. Some of this climate-crisis blowback is, at best, misplaced, since we should be lessening (read: correcting) our impact on the planet regardless of where the facts point us.

Some of these folks espouse contrarian views for the sake of being fancy assholes... on the way to fat ratings. But hey,
Fox Noise needs a reason for being, too.

With its forthcoming
Planet in Peril series, Rob's comments are, shall we say, against the CNN grain.

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