ARTvision 2007, Now Live, Celebrates The Nation's Musicians

ARTvision 2007 is now live! Click through to explore our artists -- a wide representation of the arts.

Today, we celebrate three talented musicians/groups who've agreed to participate this year. I'd like to extend personal thanks to them, and an invitation to other artists who share our drive to raise money before the end of the year to donate a CD, signed poster or something else that might raise some cash.

Even a testimonial would help our cause -- please
contact me for more info.

Adding this category was a no-brainer this year, given my love of music, performing and taking in live tunes. Check out ARTvision's new music vibe:

Julia Murney

The Wayne Fishell Experiment

Jennifer Paige

This year, ARTvision's beneficiary is AIDS Survival Project.

Check in at throughout the month for some great buying (and giving) opportunities! More in this and other categories soon.

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