Bizarre, Twilight-zone Moment Of The Week: Geraldine Ferraro

In choosing our next president, are we in the business of ego, or of hope? Of true credentials or gender- and race-based double-standards?

You are about to watch the combative, partial meltdown of a social and political trailblazer who remains enraptured by her own comments - to the point of sticking by the conceptual argument that
Obama is "lucky" to be in the position he's in. Not because he's qualified, not because he brings new energy to the equation... because he's black.

This is exactly the type of misplaced candidate loyalty that is allowing the new direction of our country to slip away.
Ferraro is diminishing herself in the same breath, as if Mondale only chose her as his running mate to make a statement - not for the content of her character.

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