The Kindness Of Strangers, Friends And The Pharmacist

(ATLANTA :: 15 November 2009) I’m really not one to pray. At least, not very often. And when I do, my prayers usually come in the form of silent intention, meditation or other such low-toned thoughts that help shape how I’d hope the world around me might look.

I took ill on Thursday - and I don’t mean a sniffles, 24-hour-thing sick. I mean, it was the start of something awful... flu, possibly swine flu, and then it blew up on me this weekend - to the point that I called my doctor today, after hours, to see what to do.

I was amazed to find that he agreed to see me on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at the office, saving me from four hours (or more) of ER waiting. So, we re-diagnosed everything and I went on my way. I was so grateful I
Yelped about it.

That kind visit was after Kim came to the house and brought me fruit, and before the pharmacist at CVS, Ashley, took my order and filled it quickly - being just as friendly and nice and she could be. The previous pharmacist, Jamie, was noticeably absent after having her first child - and I found out that she had relocated closer to home in Buckhead.

So my point being: prayers are sometimes answered without them ever being spoken. And it’s in those moments that we see the greatness of people around us.

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