Full & Major Update Coming Soon

Sorry for all the quiet on the Will front... lots of travel and more travel have been keeping me busy.

Meantime, watch for a major update over the weekend, including:

-- An event update
-- Clickable header captures for sale
-- The launch of ARTvision 2007
-- More pictures of me (I've been getting complaints)
-- A new links page
-- More captures, including a full report on my brother's wedding

Stay tuned for more.


While I'm Solving Some Tech Issues, Here's A Funny For You


Thanks To Everyone Who Attended 'Therapeutic Art Show"

Take a look at the event pictures!

Beware Of Global Warmings (Researched Fully On The Google)

Thanks to Aunt Denny for passing this along.


Sleeping Pilots. Agency Perks. Consolidated Power. Angry Yet?

Sometimes I wonder who's running the ship -- by "ship," I mean ANYTHING involving government oversight. And by "running," I mean anything that might *resemble* responsible management.

The head of the CPSC angrily rebuffs criticisms of LeadPaintGate. Then,
revelations of comped trips.
News of collisions and near-collisions at the world's airports. Then,
news of sleeping pilots.
The more tired of Iraq we are, and the
lower Bush's approval ratings, power continues to consolidate around him.

No mater what your political stripes look like, all of these issues should trouble you.

Is this seriously how we want our government to operate?

(Thumb courtesy of Jupiter Images)