It's 4:30. Have You Slapped Your Child Today?

Violent Affection Syndrome (aka VAS) knows no boundaries... Just today I have been hit with a flurry of reasons why aggravation can be an outgrowth of love.

Don't believe me?

Let this be a reminder to those of you reading this who have additional slap-worthy pictures that are not in my possession.
Send away, and I'll post them to the lot. The more the merrier.

And of course, thanks to all my nieces and nephews for making my life a LOT more exciting... and annoying!

Veterans Day: In Honor Of Opa

I'm named after my late grandfather, William Stone Weedon, who was a decorated veteran of World War II and a fixture at the University of Virginia. With my birthday and Veterans Day converging at the same time each year, I thought it appropriate to use "The Google" and find some information on him -- some of which I didn't know before. Here's what I came up with:

• In 2003, UVa named an
Endowed Professorship in his honor
• He received his undergraduate degree (1929) and graduate degree in Arts & Sciences (1936) from
UVa, and continued on as a professor long afterward
• He advanced the understanding of East Asian architecture within the university community
• He received the Raven Award, the
Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award, and in 1976, the Thomas Jefferson Award -- UVa's highest honor.
• He was named to University Professorship, which entitled him to teach any subject of his choosing on the UVa campus.

I hope he's watching with approval.

Last Year In My 30s... ARRRGGGHHHH!

This image sums up (basically), in abstract pie-chart form, how I'm feeling today... but I intend to be the sexiest, sassiest 40 year old EVER by next May 29th. Just wait! (Awesome cartoon courtesy of Julian Bevan)


Tori Amos For President

I hereby nominate her because she's (one of) the coolest chicks on the planet. Her soft and kind delivery, along with her views on religion, Christianity and femininity, absolutely fascinate me. Take a look at that link and watch some of the interview... it's worth the few minutes.

Fame Is Fleeting...

...wait, only 15 minutes?

Thom, Jimmy BB and I went out and took in some great tunes at Red Light Cafe... David Atlanta was out in force getting the shots.


Anchor Blues: The Update

About a month ago I wrote an editorial about how anchors are increasingly stepping in front of their stories and becoming the news. Should I make this a monthly thing? Vote yes or no by sending me an e-mail. Meantime, here's an update thumbnail:

The claws come out... again. Audience members were shifting nervously in their seats as Rosie and Elisabeth had a hideous smackdown on "The View" about the Iraq war and the Bush administration. (Babs was off that day and unable to referee.) But what went completely unreported in this latest melee was that the entire thing was sparked by Joy Behar (actual quote: "don't interview each other") who is understandably infuriated by the latest revelations on how our country is being run and ran down a laundry list of things she doesn't like about our current government. (Current YouTube views: approaching 2 million) Question: what happens to the show when Rosie leaves?

Honey, tell Consuela to avoid 60 Minutes. Lou Dobbs was recently interviewed by Leslie Stahl on CBS' "60 Minutes" about his populist mission that includes securing the borders with Mexico and restoring our quickly sinking country's order. Wherever you find yourself on the immigrant issue, the anchor, again, was the story here. Stahl uses the unfortunate catch phrase of "fair and balanced" to question Dobbs about whether his program is actually news. What do you think?

Update: Rosie to leave "The View" early and not complete the last three weeks of her contract.


The Ireland Travel Blog is now live, and will be continually updated as I have time to load pics and reflections.


Annie Leibovitz Shares Her Public & Personal Lives At The High

(ATLANTA) - Mike King and I attended the Annie Leibovitz show at the High Museum in Atlanta yesterday... She made emotional and heartfelt remarks to an appreciative crowd, marking the debut of her new exposition, "Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer's Life, 1990-2005."

The late
Susan Sontag, as well as Leibovitz's mother and father, were all remembered in the collection and in Leibovitz's speech. Set against the High's new space, it was surely an evening I'll never forget. The collection itself is a bold and courageous look at one of our country's most cherished creative talents. Jump to the YouTube clip

A Photographer's Life: An Evening With Annie Leibovitz (and Mike)

One of our most cherished photographers (and one of my idols) will be visiting Atlanta tomorrow to kick off her show at the High Museum. Mike King and I will be attending and I hope to post some pictures from the event... This is a no brainer, since I always try to support the arts community here, and also, I'm hoping even a fraction of her awesomeness will rub off.

Recycle For Success: Jenny Krasner Talks Some Trash In New York

Our great friend Jenny Krasner takes her "trash talking" girl power to Albany for a waste/recycling panel and exhibition at the NY State Environmental Agency. "Artists who Work With Discards, Media and Message" included (from left) Valeri Larko, Chakaia Booker & Jenny @ Bolton Landing.


Props To Everyone For The Taste Magazine Shoot

Thanks to Chef Dean, Andy, Michael, the staff at South City, McCall, Jim and John, and all of my awesome friends and neighbors for a great afternoon last week. The "New South Cuisine" article for Taste Magazine is slated for the Summer 2007 issue! Jump to the sample pictures


"Daylight Beckons" ~ New Header Capture


Jack Jean Wins 'Excellence in Education' Award At The Ted

Gibson, Andrea and I were happy to go drink beer while Jackie Jean accepted his "Excellence in Education" award (I took pictures, of course). The Bravos promptly lost a lousy game to the Padres, during which there was a great deal of mutual plunking. As I learned later, the Padres' pitcher, Chris Young is nearly 7 feet tall! (He's 6'10".) ---> Jump to the captures


Quote 2 Remember: Garry Shandling on 'Real Time'

"You talk about War -- it's an old paradigm," Garry Shandling told Bill Maher last night during the "Real Time" panel discussion, referring to our "War on Terror" language. "This winning and losing thing is where we are behind in our consciousness. I'm a comedian, but in my spare time, things bother me." (Photo courtesy of

Your Eyes Don't Deceive: Nadal & Federer's Split Personalities


You've Got A Friend In Me...

Jacob Frulla slays them at his school talent show...


Quote 2 Remember

"Imagination encircles the world." -- Albert Einstein