Question Patriotism By Deeds, Not Missing Jewelry


American Idols, Watch Out: Lady P & Jim Are On Your Case

Longtime gal pal and, yes, proud fag hag Penny Frulla keeps it real with Jim Verraros.

'Idol Chat' never looked this good.

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Turd Blossom Strikes Again


A Crystal Ball That Any Sane Person Would Reject

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

Great Moments In TV History: 'I Count Your Wives At Night'

YouTube comes through from time to time with classic moments in TV history that I've since lost to VCR-tape deterioration. This is one of those moments.

In part one, watch Bette Midler's semi-memorized and well-rehearsed good-bye letter, sung to Johnny Carson on his second-to-last night:

Part two below is a totally improvised duet of "Rainy Day" that Johnny and Bette do:


SNL Roars Back... But No 'Bronx Beat' or 'Deep House Dish'

Not only did we get SNL back, but Tina Fey killed as host after a long show hiatus.

Bitch is the new black!


What Other Astrology Is There Than 'Free Will'??

Check out this cool Free Will horoscope for Gemini:

"Where my heart lies," wrote Robert Browning in his prayerful poem, "let my brain lie also." That's my wish for you to experience in the coming weeks, Gemini. It's not a wistful, ineffectual wish, either: My astrological analysis indicates that the cosmos will be conspiring to unify more than a few of your fragmented parts.

Integration is a beautiful thing.

Taking Back The Word, 'Elite,' As Well As A Few Others


C'mon Get Happy, Get Ready For Election Day

Apparently Susan Werner has made her decision...


Where In The World... ??


Snazzy New Flash Photo-sharing Tool!

I'll be using this from time to time to show off new stuff...


Happy Valentine's Day... From Scarlett Johansson

Two examples, in honor of loving each other on V-Day, of Scarlett Johansson singing the bejesus out of a song.

First, singing "Summertime":

Her husky alto also is featured in the "Yes We Can" Barrack Obama video:

That last one is a reminder to get your voting caps on...

For Those Who Miss 'Friends,' And For Anita's Love Of Unagi

Update: I just found out that Anita's word is "yuuigi" - meaning significance or usefulness, in Japanese.

The word and usage of "unagi" in the "Friends" clip below has a similar connotation, but is just a *bit* sillier.

Kinda makes you want to twist your fingers at your temple. Happy If you combined both words into one, what would you get?


...That's Assuming They'd Know Where It Goes When They Find It

Dept. Of Homeland Security: Has Anybody Seen A Blue Folder?

The Onion

Dept. Of Homeland Security: 'Has Anybody Seen A Blue Folder?'

WASHINGTON—"I can assure everyone that the assistant secretary could have sworn she had it when she went through the metal detector," said DHS Secretary Chertoff.


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