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MANners: Please... Fly The Friendly Skies

Here is the latest installment of a semi-regular series on wp.com. Your all-travel version starts right now:

demeanor: your seat in first class is not your living room EZ chair. as such, if you’re not napping, don’t recline the chair to its fullest position and change your position as if you’re in a massaging recliner. yes, I’m talking to you Professor Douchebag in front of me in 4B.

seating preferences: if you don’t want a bulkhead seat, then don’t re-seat yourself and expect someone to accept it on your behalf. and a related point (from the same experience): if you’re seated in the bulkhead aisle, the seat underneath you is NOT your storage. let me introduce you to the overhead bin because that’s where your shit goes.

in-and-out: this bears repeating from my earlier post. the seat in front of you is NOT, repeat NOT, a handlebar for you to get in and out of your seat. do you realize how disruptive this is to the person in the seat? whether you’re in first, coach or you’ve been banished to cargo, you do not have the right to interrupt people’s sleep and comfort in order to brace yourself into your seat.

More to follow.

(Pic courtesy of Getty Images.)