Would Dr. King Have Gone To Starbucks? I'll Have A Venti Elitist

Portrayal Of Obama As Elitist Hailed As Step Forward For African Americans

Nothing To Fear Except Fear Itself... And Those Who Peddle It

This came out of the DNC convention tonight... among many zingers and thoughtful lines, this one stood out.

In a piece produced by
Steven Spielberg in celebration of our troops, Army solider Terron Sims recalled something his dad told him while he was at West Point:

"There's nothing wrong for a man to fear. But there
is something wrong with a man allowing fear to control his actions."

Pretty cool.


From The Vault: Vote For 'Southern Culture' At JPGmag.com

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We've Got The Ticket, And A Golden Opportunity

In honor of choosing Biden today, I offer up this new music video below.

Thanks to
Colbie Caillat for posting this to her MySpace page. (She appears in the video.)

I would have preferred a different VP, but given the state of affairs in the world, I understand it.

Compared with McCain, Obama for me is the clear choice. When you look at the two candidates and how urgently we need a fresh, progressive perspective in the White House, Obama fits the bill.


Still Holding Hope That Obama Chooses Hilary


This Hurts To Watch... Because You'll Laugh And Wince At Once

First, a gag Olympic snippet by Paul Hunt courtesy of Aunt Denny:

And then I found an even earlier one, here:

Which then sent me down an Olympic blooper K-hole, and I found the following. Warning... this is painful to watch, both due to wheezing laughter and "ouch!" moments on the balance beam, vault, et. al.

Can I just say that I'm glad men don't compete on the balance beam? I mean, could you imagine the ruptures? Holy crap!

HGTV's Ground Breakers Films Final Act

Here's a clip from behind the scenes as Justin Cave and the rest of the Ground Breakers crew shoots the final act of the green renovation at 844:

I was busy filming this and a few other clips before I took my turn in front of the camera.

This experience has been memorable from the start and I'm grateful to the entire HGTV team (not to mention Lynn Saussy for introducing us) for making the project so much fun.

More info to follow about when the episode will air, but I'm thinking it'll be in the fall sometime. They followed us from beginning to end and will likely do quite a bit of morphing and time-lapse photography on some of the elements.

Mary Grace even snapped a shot of me in make-up! Of course, I ended up sweating most of it off...


Some Days This Is What My Productivity Feels Like


Get Your Summertime Tan Priorities In Order


Marta Rides, Love Notes And Partners In Crime

During one of my more recent Marta rides, I shared a moment with a gal on the train...

She was sitting across from me when I spotted a note that had obviously not found its intended recipient. The note was next to her left shoulder, and like the obnoxious photog that I am... I took out my camera and shot the sad little scrap right then and there. I handed her my business card and we both went on our way.

Later, I did a
post about it - and I was actually quite happy with one of the photos. Just today I received an e-mail from the gal, Marina. who found my site and made a comment on the blog post. We both agreed that finding the note livened up an otherwise boring subway ride.

"It's nice to see my brush with Internet fame," she wrote today. "Finding that note certainly made my Marta trip to the airport a lot more fun."

Thanks to Marina for being my partner in crime that day.

Three Words: OMG

Thanks to Vibecke for passing this along.

I immediately thought of JJ while hearing this train-wreck pageant song!


We Officially Have A Sequel To 'Chill Bitch, I Don't Kno Yo' Life'


At One Point In History, Yes, She Was Just A Cracker


And now:


That Fridge Reminds Me Of Sheila


Happy Birthday Thigh...

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This Is Just So Funny That I Had To Re-run It

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Confessions Of An Atlanta-based SUV Driver, Part II

(CHARLOTTESVILLE :: 11 August 2008) The color may have changed quite dramatically since my original post on the subject, but the crisis of conscience remains the same.

So goes my driving life with the as-yet-unnamed, gently used 2005 BMW X3 - a capable if bland SUV that gets me to my point B pretty nicely, albeit a bit more wasteful on gas than I'd like.

But then, on a steamy summer day in Atlanta when I was off to the recycling center at Dekalb Farmer's Market, I realized the true spirit of being "green" (vs. baby-spew orange) is not defined by MPG alone. It's measured in how and what you do with your footprint.

I live within a half-mile of where I work. I walk there and other places. I combine errands to reduce emissions. I walk to my workouts. I try and drive evenly so as to not waste gas (that last one being extremely difficult in the third-world war zone driving scene that is Atlanta). I carpool. I have stopped driving to the airport altogether.

There's something else: I miss my stick shift. Big time. But the trade-off there, if there could be one, is that I know
Gracie's new owner - and he's taking good care of her down in Savannah. He's promised me pictures of her, and when he sends them, I'll do a post about it. It's a cool story.

I knew it was just a matter of time before someone snatched up Gracie from the dealership.

Back to being green. I continue to clamor for an SUV in the nice-ish luxury category that has not just low emissions - try ZERO. I anticipate that day because I'll be first in line. We need that. To be kind to the planet, to be off our addition to oil (both foreign and domestic) and to be the fabulous country we used to be. Maybe one of those snazzy new diesel engines would do the trick, too. I'm considering a 2009 X3 European delivery with a standard transmission - juice boxes be damned.

So, while you're considering the hybrid "badge of honor," or if you think being green is some sort of status symbol you wear for showmanship, think again. It's in the total picture of the person that really and truly makes a tree hugger.

Alas, I was counting on
Basil as my "in" for Halloween, but it wasn't mean to be - at least not in this lifetime. He's now making another driver in metro Atlanta think hard about mileage... and about color.


Road Trip!

I had an expert co-pilot up to Virginia.


Happy Birthday Lee! And Thanks To Leslie & All For Planning


Artistic Expression Is An Essential Life Ingredient

I didn't watch this season's SYTYCD, but some of these routines are amazing.

Creative movement is so cool to watch...

This one is cool, too:

I'd really like to slap Mary Murphy sometimes, though. And not in a good way. Happy

Thanks to Christopher for posting these on MySpace.

Stone Four Media Receives Award From National Biz Association

This was a nice honor today... Stone Four Media, my little fledgling company, has received the 2008 Best of Atlanta Award from the USLBA in the Graphic Design & Art category.

How cool is that? The award comes from the
U.S. Local Business Association, based in Washington, D.C., a group that "serves as an advocate for small and medium size businesses and business entrepreneurs across America."

I've done quite a bit of graphic design - from
Peach program ads and business and marketing cards to holiday postcards - but never thought anyone was paying attention (except for the recipients, of course).

The group finds its award recipients by using "information gathered internally in conjunction with third-party data as part of its selection process," according to Ashley Carter, Selection Committee Chair. The rest of their criteria, she added, is private due to non-disclosure agreements.

In honor of the award, here's a
preview of the forthcoming program ad (pictured above) for the 2008 Peach International Tennis Championships.

So... ongoing thanks to all of you, who always show such enthusiastic support.



Stolen Effexor Slogan Effectively Ends Ineffectual Affect Of The GOP

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Screw Grandpa Munster... Give Paris Equal Time

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Captures Page Updated!

I've added new navigational tabs to off-site galleries, a new Slide collection and a few other goodies.

Take a peek at the page
here, and enjoy.


Dana Perino, You're On Notice: The Drone Does A Better Job

Pentagon's Unmanned Spokesdrone Completes First Press Conference Mission

Ascribe.net To Launch August 18

The wait is almost over... I have my design, I have my plan. Ascribe.net will be home to:

-- Media watchdog stuff, including snippets from MSM and blogs I read
-- Short pieces on political shenanigans
-- An archive for my editorial and creative writing, for those of you who'd like read
-- Activist stories, previews of upcoming projects, promotion of ARTvision

Ascribe.net carries the slogan "Awaken The Nation" because I believe we're all in the midst of a "new America," one of which we can all -- not just a section of us -- be proud.

More soon and, as always, thanks for reading and staying tuned.

Happy 40th To Larry (Mary) Petto

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