You *Will* 'Remember This' Video From Jeff Scher

This video reminded me how important capturing your youngins' early activites is... Follow this link to view the video on the NY Times Web site.

If I'm ever lucky enough to have a kid someday, this is the model I'll follow --
through photography, of course. Like, duh!

'No End In Sight': You Haven't Felt Anger Until You've Seen This Film

Just caught this movie over the weekend. It is an unbiased, unvarnished look at just how badly the Iraq conflict has been handled -- and what our obligation might be to fix our flawed choice to go in.

If "
No End In Sight" is playing by you, go see it. Even if it's not, it's worth the drive.

Tell your friends.

Zach 2.0: Another Zachary Comes To Life Across The Country

Congrats go out to Wayne, Eddie and their entire families for their new, beautiful addition: Zachary Sun-Weiming St. Michael. Lots and lots of new captures and videos and memories (and diaper changings) to follow.

Clearly, I need to do another M.A.N.S. entry. I'll get to that ASAP. Meantime, I've reconfigured to include a new category -- N&Ns. Nieces and Nephews are springing up all over the place, and I can't keep up with it all! As a photographer, these are good problems to have.


Hey Zach, How 'Bout Some Extra Ham With That Mug?

Zach yuks it up at Zesto's after Eddie's concert at St. Mark. The ice cream, and the circle snaps, were flying. For those of you playing at home, Zach is Marc and Kelly's son!


Matt's 40th Brings Out The Cupcakes – And A Crowd


I Just Love That Gary Nurenberg.

His lead into a CNN piece this afternoon on the Powerball jackpot (now up to $300 million), was absolutely classic. On how everyone is clamoring for the cash:

"If we weren't a nation of dreamers, the lines wouldn't be this long."

I'd add a link to his CNN bio, but I couldn't find one on the
anchors & reporters page. Sad


Seriously? Hey Mr. Martin, Saggy Jeans Do Not An 'Epidemic' Make

Governing is such tedious business.

Just ask
Atlanta City Councilman C.T. Martin, who wants to outlaw baggy pants -- through an amendment to the city's indecency laws. He has reportedly called the issue an "epidemic" and has urged his colleagues to take up the matter.

"Little children see it and want to adopt it, thinking it's the in thing," Martin told the
AJC today. "I don't want young people thinking that half-dressing is the way to go. I want them to think about their future."

The proposal includes exposed g-strings and other undergarments that wouldn't meet with Mr. Martin's approval.

Seeing dudes with denim shorts around their ankles is actually sort of humorous and entertaining. But more than that, this type of morality legislation will never see the light of day -- it is a waste of time, money and energy. I thought that regulating decency inspired by Puritanical bullshit was
saved for the Commonwealth of Virginia. I guess I was wrong.

Here's my e-mail to him:

Dear Councilman Martin:

On the decency idea published in today's paper? Absolutely a complete and utter waste of time.

How can you legislate morality, but more importantly, make the assumption that Atlanta's parents can't handle this responsibility on their own?

My strong suggestion to you is to abandon this ridiculous idea and work on feeding the needy or housing the homeless -- a much greater problem here.

Yours as a city resident and taxpayer,

Will Pollock

Send a note to Councilman Martin and let him know what you're thinking.


Medill School Of Journalism's Reputation Matters. Period.

Regular news hits from blogs and other sources are still popping up on my radar screen... New Medill Dean John Levine -- widely criticized for scrapping Medill's tried-and-true, real-world journalism education -- has called the outgoing curriculum "old-fashioned" and that to keep things as-is would be "immoral."

I'll spare you a rant about a dean of my alma mater using that word. However, Medill was my choice for grad school exactly because their approach was forward-thinking and totally different than Columbia's, for example. (Which, by the way,
has panned Medill's new move.)

This ain't gonna fly for me. If the school is moving to an Internet and Marketing focus, with the presumption that all jobs are going that way, what does that say about the magazine business, for example? What about an acknowledgment that newspapers will rely heavily on their Internet counterparts -- but not be supplanted by them, probably for a generation? What about alumni who want the same great school behind them?

This is an embarrassment. This smacks of a top-down, edict-style governing decision... And we all know how well THAT goes over in this country.

Oy. More to follow. Stop the insanity!

Update: Lame, squishy piece in Chicago magazine about this issue ("Campus Revolutionary," Chicago magazine, Sept. 2007). Reminder to readers: we are in the midst of a concerted attempt to subvert the power and import of our media. This effort is actually happening within its ranks, too, with unqualified anchors and reporters masquerading as journalists.

The correct posture is to hunker down even further into the traditions of journalism -- not discount its bedrock spirit. Dean Levine's surly disregard for the Medill faculty's ideas and preferences smacks of another Commander in Chief -- a deeply unpopular head of state who is on his way out. Hmmm... sounds like a good idea to me.

Keith Olbermann Brings His Snarky, Awesome Show To NBC

News judgment is the "quiet gatekeeper" of how our news and information is presented to us, and how we absorb it... To that end, MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann is an always sophisticated hour of cable news -- without the shouting, distorted perspectives and revolving anchors of other cable shows.

Olbermann will bring
a special edition of Countdown to NBC on Sunday before a preseason NFL game, and will also stay on to the call the game with his colleagues (returning to his sports-reporting roots briefly after a long hiatus).

If you're not watching
Countdown regularly, now's the time to see how the show is a distinct media watchdog to the partisan crap that our current administration would have us believe. Plus, what's the alternative? Trust me, you're bound to learn something every night -- and also laugh your ass off, with "Worst Person" honors and "Oddball."



Best 'Bronx Beat' So Far

Betty & Jodi live it up with Peyton Manning.


Witness The Birth Of 'Grawesome' (Here's A Hint: It Includes Booze)


Captures Page Updated

Captures page updated with new direct links and a few updates.

More to follow!


For Sale: Fancy-pants Chandelier Group

We're going from gay-grandmother to historic-hip at the house...

If any of you guys know of someone locally who might be interested, let me know! There's a deal to be had.

The sale is now live on Craig's List!


Why On God's Green Earth Is The Media Not Reporting This?

There are no words that can describe my reaction to this video... if you haven't seen it, sit down and watch. Your mouth will drop open.

The fact that DICK continues to defend the decision to invade and conduct a de facto adoption of a mideast country we have no business being in is the HEIGHT of arrogance.

Update: Countdown did a piece on this clip and another from 2000 that reveal DC as King Changemind.

A Day In The Fort Lauderdale Life

OK, so you know what they say: lemonade from lemons, yeah?

Well, I took that to heart this week when Tim ClemNey wanted to stay home and drink beertwisted his ankle and couldn't follow through on his pledge to attend Mattie's 40th and then drive me back to Saratoga. So...

After some extra time with Thigh, I decided to call Delta and see what kind of specials they were running. I ended up here, in Fort Lauderdale, because a few hours on the beach -- and a stay at a great hotel (Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort) -- was just what the doc ordered.

I landed no sweat and was pounding the pavement before noon for lunch... Had a great lunch right on the beach, while the heavens opened. It poured. Came back to my mack-daddy suite, laid out on the beach, worked out -- then went to Thai on the Beach, a very cool restaurant just down the street.

Both meals were fish, of course -- the lunch was grilled tilapia over field greens, while the dinner was masman curry grouper. AMAZING.

Some of the captures are cool, so make sure to
check them out.

Continental Passengers Diverted, Delayed, Corralled Like Cattle

At least Delta let us off the plane during my nine-hour extravaganza... is this the best Airlines can do?


Holy Cow. New York & The Yankees Lose Our Scooter

One of the most recognized voices in baseball fell silent today... Phil Rizzuto was a Yankees shortstop and beloved announcer for five decades. He'll be missed.

The attached Yahoo! story includes a comment, for some reason, from Rudy Giuliani. You can skip that part.

As a kid growing up in Manhattan, Rizzuto made my usually sucky Yankees that much more awesome.


Let There Be Light... (And No More Crappy Wallpaper)

The "joker's wild" wallpaper is down, my pink-hell patterned migraines will be diminished... and now, the dining room has newly enhanced illumination.

Thanks to Jim, my partner in crime for this round of house updates. He's an expert wall skimmer for sure -- and not afraid to tackle 100-year-old plaster.

Landed In NYC, Ready & Willing To Celebrate Mattie

Many of us are gathering in the big city for a huge party for Matt "Thigh" Moore's 40th birthday bash, and then on the way to Saratoga to see The Clemmeys. Strike that, Tim busted up his ankle and 'Toga is a no-go.

Anyway, birthday/NYC travel blog to follow.

PS: NYC airports suck really bad. Nine hours door to door.


Jones Pierce/Wickstead Named For Green Renovation Of 844

Congratulations to Jones Pierce Architects and Wickstead for winning the bid to add to and enhance an already great dwelling.

The renovation will reflect environmentally conscious building choices and adaptive re-use. More to follow.

Stay tuned!

The World Is Speaking... Are We Listening?

Here's a new feature, called "The Green Machine," that will highlight reasons why we must act now on global warming and climate change -- before we pass the breaking point.

In the first half of 2007, we've had
record-busting "weather events" that show it's not your daddy's world anymore. Our natural resources are too important to be complacent.

Watch for more stories, clips and news about this issue from me going forward -- including details of a green renovation of
844 Myrtle.

Zoe Executes Her Many Tricks, With Amazing Precision

Here's another gem from San Diego... Zoe is, as always, in the palm of Wayne's hand (and in mine).


Here's An Idea: Let's Give Pundits The Rest Of The Iraq War Off

I listen to and enjoy both sides of the ideological media spectrum, from George Will and Stanley Fish to someone as nutty (and super cool) as Arianna Huffington.

But it's with continuing admiration that I read Frank Rich's columns in the
New York Times, with this week's piece as no exception. "Patriots Who Love the Troops to Death" (available only to TimesSelect subscribers) is a sweeping statement about how the once-fervent supporters of the Iraq war are starting to turn -- even ones who confidently predicted we'd be showered with eternal gratitude as liberators.

"That’s disingenuous," Rich wrote about the prognosticators, particularly Michael O'Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack, both of the Brookings Institution. "For all their late-in-the-game criticisms of the administration’s incompetence, Mr. Pollack proselytized vociferously for the war before it started, including in an appearance with Oprah, and both men have helped prolong the quagmire with mistakenly optimistic sightings of progress since the days of 'Mission Accomplished.'

"You can find a compendium of their past wisdom in Glenn Greenwald’s Salon column. That think-tank pundits with this track record would try to pass themselves off as harsh war critics in 2007 shows how desperate they are to preserve their status as Beltway “experts” now that the political winds have shifted. Such blatant careerism would be less offensive if they didn’t do so on the backs of the additional American troops they ask to be sacrificed to the doomed mission of providing security for an Iraqi government that is both on vacation and on the verge of collapse."

Actually, Bill Maher has been
out in front on this issue for nearly a year now... that our country's crack-pot predictors are, well, dicks.

Rich also talks about the role of the media and others, including our beloved "experts" and political leaders, who have deep-seeded culpability in the way this war is playing out in the public consciousness.

I'm so mad that I go out into the world each day with venom spewing out my ears. I do what I can to manage it. The future, it would seem, is ours to create -- so let's make our own way and look for sensible solutions instead of putting our direction and judgment in the hands of people who don't deserve it.


Can We Have Civil Liberties AND Security? The Answer Is "Yes"

I see some Democrats have lost their spine again... CNN is reporting that the Dems have caved on specific eavesdropping guidelines that the White House wanted in place as we update FISA.

I felt secure before 9/11, and feel even more so now that we've been taught a lesson not to sleep at the security switch. But I refuse to feed the Executive Branch more latitude when they can't be trusted to police disasters or protect our food supply or look at our healthcare system.

In this case, blame AND shoot the messenger. (I'm speaking metaphorically, for those scouring the Internet for Evil Doers.)

Thumb courtesy of Jupiter Images.

Update: the House passed the bill late last night amending FISA, 227-183, with many conservative Democrats voting with the GOP. Question: is the President's bully pulpit really the same when your approval is in the mid 20s?

Great Thanks To All The Pollocks For An Awesome Week In Seattle

The full Seattle travel blog is coming soon. In the meantime, take a peek at a few of these... And make sure to drop me a line and let me know what you think!


Pipes From The Past... Cyndi Lauper Blows On You(s)Tube

Take a look at Ms. Lauper on YouTube (courtesy of Crusty). She's way more than the girl who wants to have fun -- she's a controlled, accomplished singer. WTG.


Sleepless In Seattle: The WSJ Merger Not Yet A 'Slam Dunk'

While we're in this great state of Washington visiting Pollock relatives, the Bancroft family eked out a minimum thumbs-up for News Corp.'s acquisition of Dow Jones/The Wall Street Journal.

Say what you want about Murdoch, but consolidated media ownership continues to suck for journalism. With a FCC review looming, Russ Britt writes for MarketWatch writes that
it's too soon to call the deal done.

Update: NYT reporting that News Corp. may have improperly paid fees and influenced the deal close.