CNN's American Morning...

"The most snooze in the morning." (Sorry, I couldn't resist. Some of my best pals are at Turner, so I'm in trouble.)

Happy Birthday Mamacita!


Seriously? We Can't Agree On The Press' Role As Agenda Pusher?

Are we seriously still thinking the press wasn't complicit in the Iraq war -- dating back to the fall of 2002? We picked up the drumbeat and the rest, as we know, is ugly history still unfolding. Jump to the Huffington Post piece by Marty Kaplan

Dinner at Zinc in Charlottesville... AND a Celeb Sighting

Dinner out at new Charlottesville restaurant Zinc with the parentals... *and* a John Grisham sighting. Tomorrow, a big birthday dinner for my mom's 69th. (Photo courtesy of UVa Law School)


Jake Hits His First Single...

Just make sure to watch the careful finish when he gets to first base successfully... GO YANKEES!!


Quote of the Day: Don't 'Keep Quiet'

From the esteemed Jenny Krasner, responding to "Anchor Blues":

"We are only doomed if we keep quiet." Go Jenny! (Photo courtesy of

Hot Air Only Jack Jean Could Love

Courtesy of Boing Boing


"Anchor Blues": The Catharsis

In the past six to nine months, we've seen a whirlwind of shifts, firings, hirings and meltdowns in the TV media that have caused me to twirl. Here's how I worked out my frustrations, available at Medill's "Alumni Voices" Web page:

"For Medill’s part, it is more critical than ever to know what your personal ethics are as a journalist as you enter this nutty business. Do not be the news, be the impartial gifter of it. If you go to the producer side of things, don’t hang your anchors out to dry because you think your closest competitor is gaining on you. Stand in your integrity. As a journalist working in a few different areas, that’s my mission, and it always will be, and it should be for all of us. Your self-defined purpose matters, and your audience cares." ---> Jump to "Anchor Blues"

Update: Great related op-ed entitled "
They Call This the News?", posted at Common Dreams and written by Jerry Lanson, a Journalism professor in Boston. Sent courtesy of Uncle David.

Seriously? Dilute The Brand... Then Kill The Mothership?

NBC is considering canceling its venerable "Law & Order" series... this, after diluting the series with three spinoffs, one of which never made it through season one.

The original and best installment of this brand was banished to Friday nights this season, and now
reportedly sits on the bubble for renewal -- despite its rabid fan base following it to the best extent possible. Don't let this awesome show get axed! Here are this fan's guidelines:

---> Bring back
Angie Harmon, stat. I hear she's free.
---> Move the series back to its home on Wednesday @ 10 p.m. Fridays are lame.
---> Ease the constant "ripped from the headlines" formula and work harder to spin great stories.
---> Return to your expert directors and writers to recapture the old glory.

Reminder to NBC: are all the ka-jillions you make on
widespread syndication not enough to tip the scales?

post on the L&O boards | USAToday Article | read the Dick Wolf blog

Susan Werner Brings Her 'Strange Nation' Back to Eddie's Attic!

Thom and I went to see Susan Werner at Eddie's Attic in Decatur -- and we were treated to two other opening artists: Danielle Miraglia and Larry Zarella.

I found Susan on a night about 10 years ago when she opened for
Joan Armitrading at Variety Playhouse. Spectacular folk singer and storyteller... always treats people at Eddie's like familiar friends. As she always does after her shows at Eddie's, Susan hung out with us after she slayed everyone with an a cappella encore. (see pic, at left).

Her original "
My Strange Nation" song is the perfect antidote for our global troubles and frustrations. For more, go to myYouTube Live Clips page.


Go Yankees!

Jake & Frank cheer on the best team on the planet (ARod notwithstanding).


Let The Backtracking Begin: Two Lulus From Both Sides of the Aisle

Comments from Harry Reid and John McCain that should have been caught in the internal editor. Neither were.

...with more proof that verbal diarrhea is a bipartisan affliction. (Photo courtesy of AP)


Seriously? We Don't Have Another Phrase Beside "War on Terror?"

I'm wondering if we as a country have the courage to question how we chacterize the "War on Terror." I for one would like us to care more about the way the world sees us. (Photo courtesy of ITReviews)


A Clip of Soulstice ~ In Honor of The Fallen At Virginia Tech


Jake Knows The Camera Better Than His Momma. The end.


Sunday Brunch @ Greencroft

The parentals and I went out to Greencroft to celebrate the Easter holiday...

All three of us had a glass of champagne, and the afternoon was fun. Fat Girl was waiting for us at home tapping her foot for her own meal (hold the Wheat Gluten).

A Grand Brunch At Barboursville Vineyard

The day before Easter a bunch of us went up to Barboursville Winery, where we witnessed firsthand how well the Virginia wine scene has come up in the world. Four-course meal, four wine pairings. Everything was awesome...

For more, jump to the captures.

Bringing Home The Bacon, While Earning Equity

A topic near and dear: Great article in the latest edition of BusinessWeek's small business publication on office condos. ---> jump

Also make sure to check out Motto Magazine, a groundbreaking publication supporting small business and promoting a graceful work-life balance. Hoping to contribute to that publication someday soon!