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'Equilibrium' Is A Wish For The Election, Among Other Things

Seeking calm.

That seems to be what we're up to the past few days - both in the election and with the credit markets.

So I submit "Equilibrium" for your consideration... to help your soul know that hope is on the horizon. I submitted it to JPGmag.com in the "faith" category because we're always closer to our spiritual side in nature. Click the link to learn more.

Also, heading up wp.com for October is "Awash" - another in my Costa Rican Orchid Garden series.

This image is one of a few captures that will be featured in ARTvision 2008. More on that very soon.

Other new features this month:

- Updated
Jump pages
- New navigation, including a new tab to my
Twitter profile, the newest (and most addictive) social networking site
- Revised
bio, including new projects
- New captures loaded to my
MobileMe gallery, including the 40/70 celebration
- New vault articles

Coming soon: my first piece in
Atlanta Intown on Radial Cafe and GreenPlate.