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MANners: Puffed Up Chest, Deflated Relationship

Here is the latest installment of a semi-regular series on wp.com. For your consideration:

dating: avoid overpromising. don’t self-aggrandize. don’t use your relationship toward a narcissistic end, rather, feed it for the future. don’t try and be someone you aren’t able to become, or engage someone without knowing yourself first. if you see into your own soul, you’ll allow yourself to know others.

flying: if you’re a TSA agent checking passengers’ IDs, don’t be gossiping with a co-worker and not paying attention to what you’re doing. it’s rude to passengers, for sure, but you also might miss the next Osama slipping by. duh. trade recipes while you’re on a break, cool?

volunteering: exercise your own image of philanthropy, however humble; don’t impose it as a “my way” philosophy on others, especially on a team. it’s counterproductive, flippant, careless and rude.

More to follow.

(Image courtesy of
Rogue Jew.)