Anticipation Builds

Tomorrow is Bimmer day. I pick up the as-yet-unnamed 528i that I already know will blow my doors off (so to speak). In the same way leaving Atlanta hurt my soul, so too has losing the standard transmission for a year. We find different gears in life - in ourselves, our family, partners, pets, friends - just as we downshift in traffic. The service guys and conventional wisdom say that brakes are a lot cheapter to replace than an overworked transmission - but a transmission, in my view, works better when it’s lively and full engaged all the time.

Gracie hated city driving and always loved the open road - so we’ll see how this gal does.

Pete picked me up at the airport this morning (pictured here later at Welt) - facilitated by Rolf, to whom I was connected by Keith. Ongoing thanks to Keith for connecting me with those two - they were very helpful and affordable in getting me to and from the airport and Welt.

While riding shotgun with Pete, I got a sense of how other people drove in the city. Kind of timid and polite, sprinkled with requisite maniacs. Pete drove a new EfficientDynamics 3 Series wagon and I loved it. There was a bit of a language disconnect so I didn’t gush over it as much as I had wanted. Pete worked for BMW for 30 years in parts management. I think I have that level of loyalty in me.

Had a great Chinese dinner and had a chance to see the square by the walking mall, complete with dancing waters and people hanging out.

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