Welcome To Costa Rica!

The Pollock Family's Adventures ~ March 2007

New Captures & Movies added
New captures have been added as well as new clips on our YouTube Costa Rica page.
Trip Recap
...to follow shortly. Thanks for tuning in!

Destop Pix!
Costa Rica-themed desktop pix are available for download... all I ask is that you drop me a line to let me know what you think!
Lunch at the Mall
I think Max is finally getting a little over Uncle Will's picture taking:

I finally got the picture I was looking for -- an unusual shot of one of my nieces or nephews that catches them seriously irritated with me. Jake, Frank, Rocky, Abigail and now Max are all represented now...

We had a nice lunch outing at another Italian place... where our waitress was a little dingy but everyone was very nice. the manager spoke to us in English before we left and wished us a good trip.
Trip to the jade museum

Journal to follow soon... Meantime, see the captures.
Trip to the playground
On the way back from Tirol, we stopped by a local playground to hit the swings with Max. We also went on a short but great hike with spectacular views of the San Jose valley.

Max was in a pretty good mood, as you can see from some of the captures we got and one or two of the movies.

New movies added!
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Trip to Tirol
With the heat and humidity of San Jose bearing down on us, it was with great relief that we booked it up to the mountains for some fresh air. We stayed at Hotel Tirol, which is a very Scandanavian-type dealio with a strange mix of architectural styles (and a heavy dose of bug spray in the rooms).

Orchid farm captures
Go to the Captures page for a look at the Orchid Farm -- a simple yet beautiful destination outside San Jose.

Max Lights It Up
Rocky opens presents
Rocky and Max make their entrance and open presents at Luke and Meyling's place in San Jose... ---> jump

Lunar eclipse from Costa Rica
This was the view from the top of Luke's place during the lunary eclipse... first one in three years. The full eclipse had just passed and you could see the crescent moon starting to poke out.
Architecture shots

Click here for additional architecture shots from Luke's condo.
Dinner out
We head out to dinner at a great wine restaurant... ---> jump
Max: The Future Hollywood Heartthrob
Max mugs from the camera and gives his Uncle Will a thumbs up!

We're Here!
Luke's house is like a castle, with awesome interior settings and cool views... :: see the captures ::
An Exciting Plane Ride...
Delta flies direct from Atlanta to San Jose, so it's a straight shot from Hartsfield-Jackson-whateverthenexthyphenatednamewillbe International Airport... my parents and I hopped aboard after an arduous trip from the house (late driver, hail, packing complications, etc.).

We had some champ during the flight, which was awesome... so awesome for my mom, in fact, that the stewardess (oh sorry, Flight Specialist) turned to my mom after the sixth refill: "well one thing's for sure ma'am: we're not gonna let you fly this plane."