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Matthew Kahler Brings ‘Listening Experience’ to Studioplex Atlanta

Small gathering slated that headlines an Atlanta legend

Originally published on: willpollock.com
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Story & Photos by Will Pollock

From Tina Turner’s arena tours to the single guitarist strumming on a subway platform, the music should always be the star of the show.

Such is the case with Matthew Kahler, an Atlanta mainstay and legendary storyteller, musician and artist. I’m lucky to call him a friend, and now, marking our first in a “listening experience” series, Matthew will be performing for 50 eager attendees at Studioplex Atlanta this Saturday night.

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Story & Song with Matthew Kahler”

“It’s always exciting to do something new,” Matthew says. “If it involves music and the word ‘listening’ is in the description, then i'm there. If an audience member feels slightly put out that a venue such as Eddie’s Attic or Bluebird urges listeners to not talk and listen, they might do well to remember that it's not that the performer is demanding this. They know a connection MUST be made with this kind of music. There really is no point if it’s not made.

“I call it a loop of energy,” he adds. “It's a symbiotic thing.”

Although Matthew says “Out of the Blue” is usually the most-requested song in his catalog, the requests have changed over the years. As has the industry, which has seen its fair share of egos come and go.

“I think the music is so big that it's easy for a lot of people to make the mistake of thinking they are big because they are doing it,” he says. “I stay away from making the music preachy or ever even approaching telling someone how to live or what to do. But that does not mean that music can't be fun or even absurd.

“But if I as a listener ever feel like someone is telling me how to lead my life, i'm immediately turned off. And that’s mission impossible - mission never accomplished.”

The reasons to attend are plentiful, he adds, noting that audience members are in for some true self-discovery. “It’s cool to rediscover something you learned just yesterday or a long time ago about yourself, someone else, something else, or all of the above. Because live music offers a chance to have a moving experience.

As my first time as host of a live music event - which is most certainly a dream come into reality - Matthew has some choice words for yours truly.

“Will makes up for all the bad hosts at all the bad functions you've been to before,” he says. “Simply put, Will is interested in everyone, and curious about everything.”

Plan on joining us Saturday evening. Tickets are very limited and going fast - so let us know if you plan on attending.

Full details:

“Will Pollock with Wiffledust presents: Story & Song with Matthew Kahler”

  • Who: Matthew Kahler, Atlanta's own acoustic legend
  • Where: Stone Four Studios @ Studioplex #131 (659 Auburn Ave NE, Atlanta 30312)
  • Park: Drive in the entrance, behind Serpas Restaurant - continue to the right, it's mid-building, through to the inner courtyard. PARK IN UN-NUMBERED SPOTS ONLY AROUND THE PERIPHERY. Carpooling is encouraged.
  • When: Doors open at 7; show from 8-10:30
  • Why: Small, intimate "listening experiences" are the best way to hear a musician do his thing. This is a non-amplified, guitar-only event
  • What: Our art gallery will be up and running; We'll have other stuff to purchase including items that go to charity, as well as Matthew's newest double-CD set will be available
  • Tickets: $25 (in advance or at the door) and include refreshments from Lotta Frutta.

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