Seriously? Dilute The Brand... Then Kill The Mothership?

NBC is considering canceling its venerable "Law & Order" series... this, after diluting the series with three spinoffs, one of which never made it through season one.

The original and best installment of this brand was banished to Friday nights this season, and now
reportedly sits on the bubble for renewal -- despite its rabid fan base following it to the best extent possible. Don't let this awesome show get axed! Here are this fan's guidelines:

---> Bring back
Angie Harmon, stat. I hear she's free.
---> Move the series back to its home on Wednesday @ 10 p.m. Fridays are lame.
---> Ease the constant "ripped from the headlines" formula and work harder to spin great stories.
---> Return to your expert directors and writers to recapture the old glory.

Reminder to NBC: are all the ka-jillions you make on
widespread syndication not enough to tip the scales?

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