Can We Have Civil Liberties AND Security? The Answer Is "Yes"

I see some Democrats have lost their spine again... CNN is reporting that the Dems have caved on specific eavesdropping guidelines that the White House wanted in place as we update FISA.

I felt secure before 9/11, and feel even more so now that we've been taught a lesson not to sleep at the security switch. But I refuse to feed the Executive Branch more latitude when they can't be trusted to police disasters or protect our food supply or look at our healthcare system.

In this case, blame AND shoot the messenger. (I'm speaking metaphorically, for those scouring the Internet for Evil Doers.)

Thumb courtesy of Jupiter Images.

Update: the House passed the bill late last night amending FISA, 227-183, with many conservative Democrats voting with the GOP. Question: is the President's bully pulpit really the same when your approval is in the mid 20s?
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