"Anchor Blues": The Catharsis

In the past six to nine months, we've seen a whirlwind of shifts, firings, hirings and meltdowns in the TV media that have caused me to twirl. Here's how I worked out my frustrations, available at Medill's "Alumni Voices" Web page:

"For Medill’s part, it is more critical than ever to know what your personal ethics are as a journalist as you enter this nutty business. Do not be the news, be the impartial gifter of it. If you go to the producer side of things, don’t hang your anchors out to dry because you think your closest competitor is gaining on you. Stand in your integrity. As a journalist working in a few different areas, that’s my mission, and it always will be, and it should be for all of us. Your self-defined purpose matters, and your audience cares." ---> Jump to "Anchor Blues"

Update: Great related op-ed entitled "
They Call This the News?", posted at Common Dreams and written by Jerry Lanson, a Journalism professor in Boston. Sent courtesy of Uncle David.
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