Welcome to WillPollock.com!

Hi all... have a look at this new site, replacing LighthouseGL.com. WillPollock.com has Flash photobooks, links to cool sites and an easy-to-use form when you want to tell me something snarky or nice -- or both. I'll be loading archives of past events and pictures so make sure to check back for those. For more on how to use this site, read on...
Life updates, new pictures, salacious details... it's all here. "THE JUMP" is a page where you can jump off to cool places on the Internet, including a cool preview pane for some of my related sites. The "WHO?" tab says a little more about me and my background as a nutty, slightly askew New York City refugee now very well settled in Atlanta, Ga., a city filled with cool, laid-back people and an ever-emerging cosmopolitan vibe to match. Send me a note at the "YELL AT ME" link or enter a comment that will appear in the comment history.

Use the "Comments" link to talk back about whatever the topic of the day or week is. RSS feeds, for those of you interested in such things, are available for both the main and photo pages.

Make sure to enter a comment if the urge grabs you. I'll be adding more features in time, so make sure to bookmark and come back. Thanks for stopping by!

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