In Honor Of ARTvision, "Trust Your Turn" For January 2008

I originally had chosen a piece from Ireland as January's header, but hey - when a better urge comes along, go with it, right?

To honor the artists and buyers for ARTvision - specifically, Rebecca Walt and Larry Goldstein, buyers of "Trust Your Turn" - I modified the photo that spoke so clearly to the people who were listening... Happy Thanks to Rebecca and Larry for being so enthusiastically connected to this year's event.

This version of TYT is a limited edition of five, and three still remain for this year's
ARTvision. Speaking of which, sales are still open! We've discounted some pieces and would love it if you'd go and browse.

We've just blazed past the $2K mark, with hopefully more sales to go, so it's been a huge success. Ongoing thanks to Craig Eister for helping to support the event for

Bust out the tape measure and see if any of
these beautiful ARTvision pieces would brighten up your house. More soon.
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