Alert The Media: I'm Officially Switching Allegiance To NBC News

I'm back from my first-ever Yoga session, and as I limped home, I crawled into bed to watch Countdown, as I do every night.

Tonight, our Southern California friends are facing arguably the worst and most destructive, disruptive fires in their history. Keith Olbermann interviewed NBC Nightly News anchor
Brian Williams at the top of the broadcast - Williams hung around to give viewers a more intimate and casual yet confident, personal view of what's going on there.

I used to worship
Peter Jennings, and his ABC News field reporters. But today, after living through "The Path to 9/11" and other seemingly odd GOP influences at ABC, I have fully gravitated to the NBC and MSNBC nightly broadcasts. (My TV is, of course, tuned squarely on CNN throughout the day, culminating in The Situation Room.)

I highly recommend them, although Keith's new set doesn't give him enough room to throw his papers.

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