'Sleepwalking Into The Abyss': The Media Have Failed On Iraq

Salon.com has a spot-on piece today about the five-year anniversary of the Iraq conflict... how the media has not only blown coverage of this blowhard and foolish war, but enabled it from the beginning.

Even as recently as our much-ballyhooed escalation, we in the media are reluctant to speak ill.

Consider this tight passage by Salon writer Greg Mitchell:

"In early 2007, with the announcement of the "surge" of troops in Iraq, TV commentators punted at the most crucial moment since the invasion of Iraq -- and not a single major newspaper came out against the escalation until after it was announced. They were all sleepwalking into the abyss. Even if the "surge" proved relatively successful, it would guarantee at least several more years of heavy U.S. presence in Iraq, and the deaths of thousands of more Americans."

I've loaded the full story to my Facebook profile, but you'll need to log in to read it. Try getting Salon.com here, too.

Photo/graphic courtesy of Salon.com/AFP Photo/Stephen Jaffe

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