Cutting Across Racial Lines

“And people still have, sorry to say, their prejudices and hang-ups on a black man going to go see a white man or a white man going to go see a black man. Sometimes we get stuck on stupid; we are afraid to address the questions of servicing someone who doesn’t look like us, and afraid to step outside of our comfort zones. You can’t ever let color blind you.” (more) (bonus coverage)

Kedar Ras, left, and George Lollar, seated, right

Published In: The Sunday Paper
Story & Photos by Will Pollock

Meeting Margaret Cho: Diva Inspires Gay Man's Cancer Fight

"Those who doubt that laughter is the best medicine probably haven’t met Bryan Raybon." (

Margaret Cho, left, and Bryan Raybon

Published In: The Georgia Voice
Story by Will Pollock